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CSIR NET Coaching Biotecnika – 2022 Batch Admissions Open

Chance always favours a prepared mind. But no matter when we ask if you are prepared, chances are you are not confident in your preparation.

What happened in February?

  • 1 Lakh+ Student registered but only 70% Wrote the exam.

Why did 30% of the students didn’t write the exam? The majority of the students didn’t write the exam due to demotivation, the lack of josh, Junoon or jasbah and of course some are genuine reasons, but the majority is because they are not ready and their preparation is not enough.

To help you get motivated – we are here with JOSH!

What happens when exams are delayed?

  • We lose our Motivation, Our Josh, Our Will power

To Fix just that + Help you get Stronger in Concepts

BioTecNika Proudly Launches

Josh Combo Batch – For CSIR NET Dec 2022, June 2023 + GATE 2023

What’s Included?

  • RAID – Rapid Advanced Intelligently Delivered Concept Classes
  • Study Material: 14 Sets of Books
  • E-Konceptika Series:
  • Koncept Notes eCopy
  • Konceptika Lite eCopy
  • Koncept Wheel
  • Koncept Table
  • Koncept Cloud
  • Daily Classes in the evening from 7 pm to 10 pm or Morning from 10 AM to 1 PM

Computational Biology Internship

14 Days Special Bonus Internship for you all

Worth Rs 13990/-

Why Computational Biology?

  • Future of biological sciences
  • brings order into our understanding of life
  • Helps you see the big picture
  • provides an atlas of life – Google Maps of Biology
  • turns ideas into hypotheses faster

Internship Guide

  • Professor Dr Farhan Zameer
  • 22 years + Experience in Teaching and Research
  • PhD. In Pathogenomics from the University of Mysore
  • Postdoctoral fellow in PathoImmunology from the University of South Carolina
  • Post Doc in PathoGutOmics JSS University Mysore
  • Published Several papers in International Journals
  • Holds 4 patents

Special Josh Sessions by Me

  • Interactive Motivation Sessions
  • Time management Sessions
  • Productivity Sessions
  • Personalised Time Table Creation
  • Career Audit by Experts

JCB Scholarships

  • Yes You heard me Right, Grab up to 100% Scholarships on this batch
  • Just send your Bsc or Msc Marks Sheet to me at [email protected]
  • Our Team will contact you to process your scholarship request.

CSIR NET Coaching Biotecnika – 2022 Batch Admissions Open

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