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Career Guidance Webinar Biotecnika – JOSH Sessions by Mr Shekhar Suman

Hum Hain Josh Mein at Biotecnika! You must be wondering why this enthusiasm all of a sudden? Well… why not? What is the point of moping around?

If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles – Confucius

How is that for a start? It’s always easy to pick out the negatives and the flaws and hyperfocus on that. Yes life is unfair and it doesn’t always go as we have planned, BUT the onus is on us to keep our spirits flying high and make the best of the situation.

These past couple of years have taught us all a lesson on how to go with the flow. We have no control over the outcomes or results of all the situations. Like Mr Shekhar Suman always says “Never be a victim of circumstance rather become a student of circumstance”

That is the best definition, to sum up, this global pandemic. Despite us slowly crawling back to normalcy, anything can go haywire at any moment – as witnessed by sudden surges in cases etc.

How is this relevant to our situation now? Well, there is so much unrest

and uncertainty in the world, and this has led to it taking a toll on mental health as a collective. With CSIR not releasing the notification on time again, we are thrown into this uncertain state – but hey the exam will be conducted but on a slightly altered schedule.

Being worried about this scenario will just distract you from your long term goals. We have all reached saturation point and are feeling fatigued. But this is where your trusted friend and mentor BioTecNika comes in.


We understand that you are feeling low and lost, we get countless emails stating the same, so what has kept BioTecNika going? It’s those sweet comments and messages that you leave stating how much we have helped you, this appreciation keeps team BioTecNika motivated and most importantly our CEO Mr Shekhar Suman is always brimming with hope, faith and positivity. Daily reminders ensure that we are on the right track.

So if you want some fresh insight, a new outlook, a fresh start or just some words of encouragement then Mr Shekhar Suman is your go-to guide, mentor and friend. Want to get motivated, increase productivity or even learn how to manage time? Mr Shekhar Suman will be hosting 3 Exclusive JOSH Sessions! All for you dear BioTecNikans! A series of Career Guidance Webinar Biotecnika – JOSH Sessions by Mr Shekhar Suman.

Hear LIVE from Mr Shekhar Suman and learn from his life experiences of over 15 years. Listen and ignite the fire and passion within you. An Entrepreneur who has seen so many unprecedented crises is here to infuse you with the NEVER SAY NEVER ATTITUDE.


JOSH Session Details

Name of Session Topic Date Day Time
JS1 Motivation 25th May 2022 Wednesday 7 pm
JS2 Productivity 01st June 2022 Wednesday 7 pm
JS3 Time Management 06th June 2022 Monday 7 pm


So if you want to inject yourself with some positivity along with some words of wisdom, these JOSH Sessions are the best gift you can give yourself.

It’s absolutely FREE and all it takes is the commitment to watch these 60-minute sessions and process the information for yourselves and bring the change you wish to see in yourself.

Self-help is the best help and we need to take care of our mental health and strike a delicate balance between study and personal life.

Tune in for these sessions, REGISTER and don’t miss out on these golden hours. Sign up today and reap the benefits for a lifetime!

Mr Shekhar Suman will see you on the flip side, hope to see you there!


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