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CSIR NET Study Material & Notes For Life Science

In the quest to crack the CSIR NET entrance exam, if you have the company of Good CSIR NET Life Science study material, Notes + expert guidance then half of the battle is won. Google out and you will get loads of study materials being offered by different institutes & publications. How do you decide which one to opt for? Apply these tricks:

  1. Is the study material segregated UNIT-wise or Topic Wise?
  2. e-copy of the same books are available for reference or not?
  3. Does it contain Flow charts, Tables & Diagrams For better understanding?
  4. WIll Doubt Solving Support be given along with the books?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, go for that book.

Biotecnika’s CSIR NET Life Science Study Materials & Notes have been designed keeping the above points in mind. You get the hard copy book, e-copy of the books, 24*7 chat support, books are compiled with loads of flow charts & diagrams.

Apart from traditional Study Materials, we have the following type of Unique CSIR NET Study Materials, Notes & CSIR NET Revision Tools available to help aspirants. Check out all of them below


1. CSIR NET Life Science Printed Study Material – Set of 14 Books

Dont have time to go through standard CSIR NET reference books? Finding it difficult to understand the language used in books by foreign authors? Worry Not – Go for this Set of 14 Books, study hard and qualify CSIR NET Exam.

Features Biotecnika’s CSIR NET Life Science Printed Study Material:

  • It is a Set of 14 Books Which Includes Part A, B, and Part C as per CSIR NET Exam Pattern
  • 1 Book = 1 Unit, Thus 13 Books cover 13 Unit Each + 1 additional Book on Part A
  • Every Chapter, in every UNIT, is followed by a set of 100+ Questions for you to Practice, with answers available in the study portal.
  • Compiled by Experts with over 10+ years in the industry
  • Standard reference books used to make notes in a simplified manner

You can either opt for a Hard Copy of these Latest CSIR NET Study Material Or GET IT FREE along with CSIR NET Life Science Coaching Classes at Biotecnika.

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2. CSIR NET Life Science Notes & Study Material eBook In BioTecNika e-Learner

In this digital era, carrying heavy hard copy books are not only outdated but causes lots of inconveniences too. If you are one of that Tech-savvy people, you can always opt for an e-copy of our CSIR NET Life Science notes & Study Material.


  • Get access to the Study portal with an e-copy of all the 14 Books, 13 Books for 13 Units of CSIR NET + 1 book for General Aptitude.
  • Refer to books, units, the topic of your choice – anytime & anywhere with just a click
  • Get Chat Support, Study on the Go, and ask your doubts online to Biotecnika Experts
  • Access the ebooks through your mobile, tablet, iPad anywhere.

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3. CSIR NET Life Science Study Material Named “Konceptika – The Flowchart Book”

Always referring to books and notes in old-style written format may slow you down in the race to ace the CSIR NET Exam. Presenting Konceptika – Flow Chart Book. This Book comprises Flow charts of all CSIR NET Life Science Concepts, compiled in just one place. Browse through and revise all the concepts in a jiffy.

Features & Benefits :

  • Easy access to all flow charts & diagrams of all important concepts in the CSIR NET Life Science Exam Syllabus.
  • Adequate space for making your own notes
  • Easier to remember & recall concepts in one go
  • longer memory retention because of diagrammatic representations
  • Aids in Active reading and learning
  • Hard Copy + eCopy Available
  • You can also opt for Konceptika Lite – a lighter version of Konceptika flow chartbook which Contains 100 Flowcharts of 100 Important Topics followed by short notes.


4. CSIR NET ToughNet Question Bank

As the name suggests, this book contains the toughest question ever asked in CSIR NET Exam to date + Their Solution. One of its kind CSIR NET Study Material available, wherein you can practice the hardest questions of all time, asked in CSIR NET Life Science exam. All the questions are compiled in one place for you to practice again & again till you can master them all. Isn’t it amazing? We also call it the mother of all question banks available for the CSIR NET Exam.

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CSIR NET syllabus is vast and it’s not an easy task to cover all 13 UNITS, 1000+ Important Concepts in a span of a few months. Presenting – KONCEPT Table – A unique study tool Biotecnika Experts have made for CSIR NET Life Science Exam preparation. All the important concepts which you need to remember to qualify CSIR NET exam are represented in form of Tables to help you categorize & learn in an easy way. It’s an effective tool to understand the concepts in the shortest time and can also be used for revision purposes.

Features & Benefits:

  • 500+ CSIR NET Life Science Topics Covered which are important from an exam point of view
  • The concepts are presented in the form of points & Tables
  • All tables are categorized UNIT wise for easy reference & understanding
  • Simple language used
  • Space allocated for your own notes alongside
  • e-Copy Available is compatible with both mobile & tablets.
  • Expert Assistance 24X7

Check Sample here

CSIR NET Study Material For Life Science

6. CSIR NET Koncept Wheel Book

Your memorizing capacity can be an asset as well a threat to your CSIR NET Exam preparation. An asset when you can recall concepts, a threat when you cannot recall the things you learned at the right time while solving a question in the exam. And for this very purpose, Biotecnika is here with an excellent tool that will help you memorize faster & help you prepare in the best way for the CSIR NET Life Science Exam – Koncept Wheel.


  • Each Wheel has a CSIR NET Important Concept mentioned in the center and each part of the wheel features an important point related to that concept which you must remember.
  • Different colors and shapes are used to aid in faster memory retention – which is scientifically proved.
  • 300+  CSIR NET Life science Important topics covered
  • Saves time spent on analyzing & memorizing lengthy notes
  • Categorized both Unit wise and Topic wise for easy understanding
  • Available in E-Copy format For better access anytime, anywhere
  • Expert Assistance 24X7
CSIR NET Study Material For Life Science
Koncept Wheel SAMPLE

7. CSIR NET Koncept Cloud

At Biotecnika, we all put on our thinking caps always to ideate & formulate ways in which we can make our student’s CSIR NET Preparation Journey fun, interesting, quick & efficient. Thus came into existence CSIR NET Koncept Wheel – an advanced tool made for quick CSIR NET revisions.

Just like a Cloud which holds all the condensed water vapors, a Koncept Cloud For CSIR Revision holds all the Important and not so important topics of a particular unit in the form of words. Each word or topic is represented in different colors and font sizes. The bigger the font size, the more important is the topic. There are no chances of missing out on concepts with all the important topics right in front of you throughout the revision time—60 Koncept cards filled with topics and concepts you must master.

Watch CSIR NET Koncept Cloud Demo + How to Recall Faster Below:

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MEGA LAUNCH – CSIR NET Koncept NOTES – First Of Its Kind Product in the CSIR NET Exam History. 

It’s time to set aside the traditional CSIR NET Study Material with textual notes, presenting CSIR NET Koncept Notes – A Study material full of illustrations, flow charts, diagrams & much more. It gives you hand-written notes like feel with important points highlighted + is in fully colored format.

With CSIR NET Koncept Notes => Save Time On Notes Making => Focus More On Learning & Retaining Concepts 


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