Do’s and Don’ts for CSIR Exam
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Do’s and Don’ts for CSIR NET Exam preparation

After months of uncertainty, we are finally close to the CSIR NET June 2021 Examination. Many of you are attempting the first round which will be held on 17th February 2022. We are cutting it close and many of you must have prepared well enough but are maybe looking for some pointers on how to avoid making some silly mistakes that may cost you.

However, study time varies from person to person, so you need to decide how much time you need to devote to it. Some of you might find the syllabus tough to score more.

To help simplify your preparation and help you score more, we provide detailed information on the Last Minute Dos and Don’ts for CSIR NET Exam preparation.


  • Make a Quick Revision plan.

You already studied the syllabus and have a plan in hand, and I am sure that most of you have already completed or are close to completion and are looking for some last-minute advice, tips and tricks. If you are looking for a quick revision plan well, Biotecnika has got you covered.

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Have a list of important topics from each unit.

Students are always concerned about which topic should be given more importance and which key topics to be completed first. Students should also understand the difficulty level topic-wise and begin preparation accordingly.

You can develop a preparation strategy based on the important topics. Each year the difficulty level of the examination changes. Therefore, properly planned can help you to crack this exam easily.

The entire CSIR NET life science syllabus is divided into 13 sections, each section having different relevance. Therefore, every student needs to know the significant topics.

Check out the below link to know more about Important topics and reference books for CSIR NET Life Science.

CSIR NET Life Science Important Topics / CSIR NET Reference Books

  • Be clear with the basic concepts.

Start with the basic concepts first and then move to the higher and difficult concept levels. Knowing the fundamentals very well leads to a better understanding of higher-level problems and helps solve questions. Make sure your concepts are clear and know the right way to solve the questions within the time frame. You can solve any problems if your concepts are strong. The focus should be on the understanding of concepts instead of mugging them.

  • Take mock tests

Mock tests are an important element of exam preparation. Mock tests give you an insight into the actual test and prepare you accordingly. It is recommended that you check your preparation level before the main examination. This will help you to analyze your preparation, time management, and areas for improvement. You will also become accustomed to the pressure of the exam.

However, even if your mock test scores are low, they should not interfere with or affect your CSIR-NET preparation. By preparing and practising more, you can easily improve your scores.

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  • Solve previous year’s question papers

The previous year’s papers constitute one of the best resources to prepare for the CSIR NET examination. You can easily get familiar with the exam pattern, the trend of questions, and the weightage of different topics by solving previous year’s questions. The previous year’s paper gives you insight into the actual exam so that you can strategize and plan your preparation successfully. Solving the previous year’s paper helps students achieve good scores in the exams.

You can decide which units or topics are more important and less important from the examination point of view by solving the previous year’s paper. The best way to improve your skills and results is to solve last year’s CSIR NET paper.

Do’s and Don’ts for CSIR Exam

  • Stay positive

A positive attitude can turn difficult situations into opportunities. Be positive and motivated. Don’t let anything affect you or your exam preparation. A positive attitude, high energy, hard work will lead you to great success, despite the obstacles you face along the way.

  • Improve your time-management skills

You should have excellent time management skills to attend to all the questions in the exam. Working on the easy questions first and then moving to the hard ones will help give you enough time to complete the difficult and time-consuming questions. With proper time management and being mentally prepared, students will achieve excellent results.

We also had a webinar recently on Rapid Question Selection, Decision making webinar for CSIR NET. A must watch for all of you attempting the exam in the next 15 days!

Do’s and Don’ts for CSIR Exam

  • Make short notes while studying.

Taking notes while studying keeps your body active and busy and prevents you from feeling drowsy or distracted. Listening attentively and deciding what to add to your notes actively engages your mind. These notes can also greatly help you during your revisions.

Do’s and Don’ts for CSIR Exam

  • Use flow charts and diagrams

During revision, visual aids can be beneficial. At the beginning of studying a topic, try to write down whatever you know about a subject – and then emphasize the areas you need to improve. Condense your notes to diagrammatic format, which will ease your revision. Noting down your ideas in such a brief format can help you easily recall everything you need to know during the examination.

Konceptika Lite – 100 Flowcharts on 100 Important topics of CSIR NET Exam

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  • Take regular breaks

Some students might design their timetable in a way maximizing the study hours. However, this can actually be counterproductive. You wouldn’t practice running for 24 hours a day if you were training for a marathon. Similarly, you also have to take regular breaks for studies, as it really helps for long-term knowledge retention. Everyone is different; therefore, develop a study routine that works for you with regular breaks.


  • Ignore what others are studying – Focus on your preparation

Everyone has a unique way of learning. It is important that you concentrate on your studies instead of comparing your preparations and study methods with your friends or classmates.

  • Don’t skip meals

Exam preparation requires careful planning and proper time management. If you have a steady supply of glucose (energy) throughout the day, you won’t lose concentration during your study and your examination.

Studies have shown that when students are well-nourished, they learn better and achieve better grades. A healthy diet is also associated with better memory and attention and faster information processing.

  • Avoid junk food

Eating unhealthy food can cause drowsiness and laziness, because of which you may waste lots of time. Eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, and don’t get sick.

  • Don’t jump from one topic to another without completing the first one

Until you finish one topic, don’t jump to the next topic. First, complete a topic/subject, revise it, and move on to the next. Otherwise, you may end up skipping some main topics.

  • Do not take long breaks.

As mentioned earlier, regular breaks are necessary, but taking too long breaks will affect your preparation. Therefore, always have the right schedule for both study and break time.

  • Don’t take up any new topics at the last moment.

The last-minute studies are not helpful at all. Students should start their preparation early so that they have enough time to cover the whole syllabus. If you are taking up any new topics at the last moment, you will not have enough time to study or revise them. This can lead to tension and stress. Therefore, avoid studying new topics at the last moment.

  • Don’t go for any random study materials.

There are innumerable CSIR NET Life Sciences reference books out there. Each book may have similar content, but the way it is presented and communicated is different. In addition, some books may contain detailed information while others may not. Therefore, you should choose more appropriate study materials.

CSIR NET Study Material ( Set of 14 Books )

  • Avoid negativity and negative people

Please stay away from negative people and those who say that they are not prepared for examinations. Such people can adversely affect you and your exam preparation.

  • Avoid social media

Social media can be a huge hurdle when preparing for exams. It’s a common problem to waste your time on social media. Avoid social media to adhere to your study plan properly. Keep your phone away from your desk while studying, or use the “do not disturb” setting, and concentrate better on your studies. However, if you have control, use social media for a limited time during your breaks, for entertainment or motivational purposes.

  • Don’t overstress yourself.

Studying continuously and overstressing can inevitably lead to frustration and exhaustion, making you more emotional and less resilient, as well as jeopardizing other important aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Don’t neglect last-minute revisions.

Whatever you have learned, revise it. During exam preparation, most students make the mistake of not revising. Because they continue to study new topics but don’t revise the older ones. Daily revision is the key to success in the CSIR exam. It helps them remember facts, figures, topics, and methods that they covered some time ago. It also helps to increase confidence and reduce exam fear.

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