Quick Revision CSIR-NET Exam - Last Minute CSIR-NET Revision Units 12 & 13

Quick Revision CSIR-NET Exam – Last Minute CSIR-NET Revision

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As you are gearing up for the battle of the year, we would love to aid you in your CSIR NET Exam preparations. You have just about 2 weeks left and we know some of you are wavering and are losing steam. 

Biotecnika the Industry expert in CSIR NET for 15 years has seen it all and has been by your side through thick and thin, so why will we leave you behind in the crucial juncture as well? I am sure most of you have attended the Rapid Question Selection, Decision-Making Webinar for CSIR NET and was enlightened by the wealth of knowledge our Biotecnika Experts shared. 

So in the same vein, we bring to you:

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CSIR NET RRR – Rapid Revision pp & Subscribe to our channel. It’s going to be a LIVE series. A Quick Revision CSIR-NET Exam Session For Last Minute CSIR-NET Revision.


This is an exclusive series only on the Biotecnika YouTube Channel and Biotecnika Official App.


What is RRR?

Rapid Revision Rounds as the name suggests is a series where our CSIR NET & GATE Experts of Biotecnika will cover all the 13 units of the CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus and tackle all of the questions that make you break a sweat and it’s a quick no-nonsense session. One hour is all we need. It’s Rapid, It’s Revision and We have 9 Rounds.

Pfft but these questions are a piece of cake for our experts – so don’t you want to know how they solve them? Our Biotecnika Experts can handle anything that is thrown at them, so this is your chance to see LIVE how their mind works and learn life-saving tips and tricks that will aid you in your examination. 

We will be demonstrating how to solve the trickiest questions that each unit i.e., Units 1 to Unit 13 have. We always trip up in Part C, so tune in and watch the experts solve them in real-time. It will get the cogs turning in your head.

It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE to attend. All you have to do is subscribe to the channel and turn on post notification. That’s it. One click and you are all set. You will get a chance to see the magic of all of the Biotecnika Experts over the course of 2 weeks. 


Just 60 minutes a day will give you the confidence you need to help you ace this upcoming exam, and most importantly you can use these same pointers for the exams scheduled in June 2022 and December 2022. 

So let’s quickly take a look at the schedule for RRR. Trust me this is not a series any CSIR NET Life Sciences Aspirant should miss. 


  • Date – Premiers on 03rd February 2022 at 7 pm
  • Location – Biotecnika Official App & Biotecnika YouTube Channel
  • Showtime – 7 pm to 8 pm 
  • Duration – Begins 3rd February 2022 and Ends on 15th February 2022


Date Units Topic Name Faculty Name
3rd February 2022 Unit 1 Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology Mrs Urmimala
4th February 2022 Unit 2 Cellular Organisation Dr Violet
7th February 2022 Unit 3 & 4 Fundamental Processes and Cell Communications and Cell Signaling Mrs Divya
8th February 2022 Unit 5 Developmental Biology Mrs Urmimala
9th February 2022 Unit 6 & 7 System Physiology – Plant & Animal Mrs Priyanjana
10th February 2022 Unit 8 & 9 Inheritance Biology and Diversity of Life Forms Dr Tithi
11th February 2022 Unit 10 Ecological Principles Dr Nidhi
14th February 2022 Unit 11 Evolution and Behavior Mrs Somrhita
15th February 2022 Unit 12 & 13 Applied Biology and Methods in Biology Dr Tanushree

So there you have it – the complete schedule of RRR. Do not miss out on these awesome sessions. Team Biotecnika is pumped, are you? 


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