Jhakaas Lucky Draw Winners
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Jhakaas Lucky Draw Winners Announcement – Take A Look At The Lucky 3!

Hello there,

Biotecnika had successfully conducted the Something Jhakaas Is Coming Event on the 23rd of January 2022 at 11 am and guess what during the live stream we had announced a competition which was the Jhakaas Lucky Draw.

Biotecnika has some interesting courses in the pipeline and hence we had promised 2 lucky winners the chance to choose any of the gifts for free.

And here’s presenting the 3 Jhakaas Lucky Draw Winners!

Nirmaljeet Kaur

Shagufta Moin

Jhakaas Lucky Draw WinnersAnupam Kar

If you want to know what prizes they were competing for, the list is given below

BioEntrepreneurship Certification Course

A new wave of entrepreneurship in India is being driven by the need to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. This includes food security, healthcare, and environmental issues, just to name a few. Biotechnology innovations will be key drivers for bringing about these changes that we so desperately need. Learn from the in house experts of Biotecnika and give your dreams wings.

Job Assistance Program (JAP)

Biotecnika being a job portal and career guidance organization is proud to launch Job Assistance Program for all its Users. The program is an effort to make you ready to enter the professional biotechnology world. It is a complete package to ensure that our Job seekers get perfect jobs in the biotech industry, best suited for them.

Molecular Biology Techniques Internship

Biotecnika introduces Molecular Biology Internship to help Bio students/professionals to enhance their practical knowledge & also to grab a job quickly and make the process easier.

Artificial Intelligence Powered AIMNET Test Series

As the CSIR NET Exam days are nearing, we present to you the all-time favourite of all CSIR NET Aspirants – AIMNET Test Series in a new ‘AVATAR’. It is the ultimate prep kit to prepare yourself for the upcoming exam. It is unique & different as it not only tests your knowledge but also helps you evaluate your performance in real-time against other aspirants’ ranks who take the test from all across the country.

Lakshya Batch for CSIR NET / GATE Online Coaching Classes

With a proven track record and equipped with scientific teaching techniques, our highly experienced panel of CSIR NET & GATE Exam experts are ready to take over a new batch of dreamers of today and budding researchers of the future. BioTecNika will be launching Lakshya Batch for CSIR NET Coaching till December 2022. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals in the coming days, then this is the right TIME to start your preparation.

You can click any of the links above if you are interested in nabbing these opportunities. We told you right something Ek Dum Jhakaas is coming, so don’t miss out on any more future announcements by Biotecnika.

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