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We are back with the 4th episode of The Shekhar Suman Show. This is India’s first Biosciences Talk Show. Rapid developments are happening as we speak. Prominent leaders of the nation are calling for action to be taken by the youth of the nation. Let’s take a look at how we can make a difference. And we have the launch of a Young Innovator’s Programme.

There is a push towards encouraging the youth to invest in science. Let’s see how India can become a biomanufacturing hub by 2025?

We are in dire need of open dialogues and discussions on topics that are most concerning to humanity in modern times. Many of us require guidance and a place to vent and even gain some insight. As we see in today’s episode where we request you to kindly sign the petition linked below for the Get Well Soon CSIR HRDG.

This is how The Shekhar Suman Show was born. Everyone likes entertainment but how about infotainment. These short heart to heart episodes are intended to give you some food for thought and maybe just try to ignite one young mind


In the fourth episode, we discuss – Will India Become Biomanufacturing Hub by 2025? + CSIR Petition

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