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We all have heard of a phrase since childhood- You are what you eat…And to a greater extent yes it’s true. Because the food we eat as a part of our regular routine is responsible for the overall foundation of every cell in our body. Of course, we won’t feel it but we are constantly being repaired, healed and undergoing reconstruction of our bodies. Since every single cell in our body has a shelf life, our body is always busy replacing those expired cells.

Hello Everyone. Welcome to the new episode on Voice of Biotecnika. My name is Divya. Today we will dive into the concept of Gut Bacteria and its role in Anxiety.

Many of us very Often say “ Butterflies in the stomach” or “ I have a gut Feeling”What does that mean???

Well, these are nothing but “Signals”, Yes signals from our Second Brain. Now you all might be wondering what this Second Brain is all about? Here the second Brain indicates none other than “ OUR GUT”. Yes, you heard it correctly. And it is called the ENS(Enteric Nervous System

). Believe it or not but it’s true that our Brain and Gut are connected to each other and this connecting link is called the Gut-Brain axis.

Let’s take a closer look at the Connection Between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety in this podcast on our Biotecnika App.

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