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The other day I was at a cafe for a cup of coffee. I was literally disturbed by the lack of awareness in people. Almost every other table had french fries, pizza, pasta, burgers and muffins… a feast of refined carbs and loads of unhealthy fats! I so wished I could educate them about how detrimental these are to our bodies!

Hello, my dear Biotecnikans! I am Urmimala, and today I intend to reach out to all and spread this message through my podcast.

You are what you eat! We have heard this idiom so many times, that now it has lost its meaning

So what does this phrase actually mean?

Simply put, we are what we put into our body
It’s quite true even though it is hard to see.

Our homes are made out of timber & stones, but they don’t look anything like trees & rocks
Similarly, our bodies are made from the nutrients we extract from foods, without actually resembling those foods.

Do any of us like to have diseases & feel miserable? Of course not!

Do all of us want to look good & feel healthy? We all do!

If hospitals & doctors chambers are not your favourite places, if you want to avoid all sorts of lifestyle diseases, then do watch your plates before you start eating.

Someone truly said, “Every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it.” So now it’s up to you, whether you want to choose the food that fights disease or the one that feeds the disease.

Hoping that it would make a difference, I am signing off for today. Eat healthy, stay healthy, stay happy and make others happy. Thank you!

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