Start CSIR NET Preparation Early – 10 Important Tips + 5 Bonus Tips

Hey, guys welcome back to Biotecnika. I’m your host Shekhar Suman and today we are going to talk about 10 things that every CSIR NET aspirant should do early in their preparation.

So I am going to give you 10 pointers which are going to enrich your life and it’s going to be super important.

Let’s get started

Number 1: Setting your goals in life

CSIR NET is the passport to your success, not the destination. This is something which I always say because many people have the misconception that CSIR is the end all and be all. Your destination should be to become the best scientist or researcher either in India or abroad. Success cannot be attained if you don’t have both short term and long term goals.

When it comes to CSIR NET have a short term strategy of this is the rank I want to qualify with and the long term goal should be what you will do post-qualifying with the rank you desire. So have these goals in your mind before beginning your preparation because these goals keep you on track.

Number 2

: Know about the CSIR Exam

It’s not something to be taken lightly. If you are trying to master an exam you need to do intense preparation and Biotecnika is the master at CSIR, so do check out the career guidance section at Biotecnika and keep yourself well informed.

Number 3: Stay up to date

CSIR NET normally happens twice a year, though the pandemic has thrown the schedule off. Biotecnika is always on top of the latest notifications of CSIR. So make sure you are subscribed to the Biotecnika YouTube channel, download the app and subscribe to the Biotecnika Newsletter.

Number 4: Have a dedicated study space or area

Studying is an intense activity. So ensure that you have found a fixed place to always use to study where there is minimal distraction which will help you concentrate better.

Number 5: Know the syllabus

13 units plus one general aptitude section. So there is a lot to cover. But you should know which are the important topics and which syllabus you can skip. So understand the break up of the syllabus. All of this information is on the Biotecnika.

Number 6: Refer to previous years question papers

It’s not just solving the questions papers is that is important, but learn to choose the questions you want to solve as well. So decision-making process in choosing the questions you would prefer to answer is a skill you need to develop. Then start practising question-solving. Record the time you take to solve one question, one section etc.

Number 7: Selection of units

Select units based on your MSc background – this will make it easy for you to study the different units. So if you know the break up of the syllabus then you will know which units are the ones that overlap and you can segregate and select topics that are your strong points.

Number 8: Connect to people

You can interact with mentors, toppers etc. Watch these interviews given by toppers on our Biotecnika channel to figure out what strategies they have used while succeeding in the exam.

Number 9: Design a timetable

Tricky to for everyone but always have a reference point, a bullet list of things what you want to complete your set portions.

Number 10: Collect reference books

Books are the foundation of success for this CSIR NET Exam.

Bonus tips:

11. Guidance from experts

12. Adopt smart methods to memorize and retain information

13. Practice solving questions in between lectures

14. Start preparing early

15. Know your strength and weaknesses

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