Qualify CSIR-NET Fast: How Working Professionals Can Qualify Soon?

Are you somebody who is a working professional and wants to prepare for CSIR, GATE or more such competitive exams? It is a herculean task and hence we are bringing this video on how to Qualify CSIR-NET Fast: How Working Professionals Can Qualify Soon? to make it easier for you.

Let’s get started

Here are 10 pointers that will help you qualify CSIR NET Exam when you’re pressed for time

Number 1 – Plan Ahead

Your preparation needs direction. If you are a working professional or a student, chances are you are on a schedule. So you already have an idea as to in the 24 hours given to you, so you know how much time you have in your hands. Hence you need better direction since you are short of time. Plan out your study schedule and stick to it.

Number 2 – Stick to Schedule

Now you have a plan so how to stick to it? So the first thing is habits – get into habit formation. So set up a push notification, reminders or alarms as such to keep you on track. For example, you reach home by

6:30 pm and make it a point to start your preparations at 7 pm.

Number 3 – Use Authentic Sources

Take the help of an experienced mentor. Time is precious so don’t waste your time on YouTube watching random videos. Biotecnika itself has classes going on post 7 pm and you can join in there and taste success. We have a bullet revision course for CSIR NET that is being conducted on Biotecnika Offical App.

Number 4 – Utilize free time wisely

You are on a mission and have a goal, so you have to have the self-discipline to not break your habits. If you get some days off for public holidays or weekends, so make sure you make use of this time you get. Have a single-minded focus to be successful.

Number 5 – Use 1% Improvization Rule

Start simple by making it a goal to improve your study one per cent per day. Constantly be on a path of improvement. Make small changes to improve slightly every day and that will make a huge difference at the end of the day.

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Number 6 – Avoid making detailed notes

Don’t make detailed notes, make short notes. Get into the habit of keeping your notes crips and concise. Then you internalize the concepts. Keep going over them and you can shorten them, add key points and it will be faster.

Number 7 – Practice Questions Extensively

Don’t buy random test series and practise tests. Choose previous years questions and first work on decision making, look at the question paper, analyze which questions you can attempt and then start solving them.

Number 8 – Using quick revision tools

Scientifically design our revision strategy. So we need study tools and aids. Biotecnika has Koncept Wheel, Koncept Table, Konceptika Lite. These tools are colourful and very concise.

Number 9 – Minimize mobile usage

This is something which is obvious. Hold back from participating in unnecessary time consuming frivolous activities. Use it wisely for apps like Biotecnika, or put your mobile on DND etc.

Number 10 – Reduce Stress

Strengthen your body with exercise. Keep up with your mental health – Meditation is the way to go. Eat right, so eat more veggies and fibre, drink lots of water. Maintain good health and reduce your stress.

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