Innovation Grant By IPTIF
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Innovation Grant By IPTIF – Applications Are Summoned

IPTIF (IIT Palakkad Technology IHub Foundation), a Section-8 firm formed by IIT Palakkad with the financial support of ₹100 crores from the DST (Department of Science & Technology), Govt. Of India, is offering an authentic platform for technology-oriented entrepreneurs and start-ups.

IIT Palakkad has set up IPTIF to harness expertise & draw potential across the country, thereby promoting product & technology development and class research innovation.
With its mission to function closely with the sector to provide products, technology, and commercial & form a strong innovation ecosystem, IPTIF is summoning applications from entrepreneurs and start-ups for pitching events and many programs to offer incubation support/mentorship. These are described below:

With its aim to work in close collaboration with the industry to deliver commercial, technology, and products and build a vibrant innovation ecosystem, IPTIF is calling for applications from start-ups/ entrepreneurs for pitch events and various programs to provide mentorship/ incubation support. These include:

AARAMBH- Pitch Event-Cum-Workshop

With grant money of ₹15 Lakhs, IPTIF along with IIT Palakkad’s TECHIN (Technology Innovation Foundation) is summoning for applications from entrepreneurs and start-ups in a pitch event-cum-workshop being organized from 30/10/2021 to 27/112021 to present their

distinct proposals on ICS (Intelligent Collaborative System) solutions for energy & safety.

Interested candidates can present multi-disciplinary proposals in the sectors like Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Robotics along with software & hardware components and allied topics.

Assessment of the proposals will be on the basis of these aspects: Commercial Viability, Social Impact, Technical Competence, Innovativeness.

The deadline for submission of the application is 24/10/2021. Teams who are interested can apply from the official website.

I-EIR (IPTIF Entrepreneur-In-Residence) Program

With an aim to attract creative entrepreneurs to follow their start-up dreams, and acquire good support/feedback to boost their entrepreneurial aspirations & goals, IPTIF is summoning applications from interested entrepreneurs and start-ups for its I-EIR program.

I-EIR offers a rewarding forum to the budding & deserving entrepreneurs to follow their business without any hurdles associated with the technology-oriented ventures. This program even supports enterprising people to deal with hurdles and follow challenging entrepreneurial schemes and boost the start-up quality.

Other notable features of this program include:

  • Handholding & mentorship for works associated with business development-oriented tasks like mobilizing resources, contract & legal, and IP management
  • Business & technical mentorship from professional entrepreneurs and engineers
  • Stipend amount of 30,000 for a period of twelve months
  • Co-working spaces for translating novel concepts into marketable products

Interested teams/individuals can apply from the corresponding website. The deadline for application is 01/11/2021.

The initial assessment of the individuals/teams will be based on the suitability & eligibility of the candidate. Afterward, the shortlisting will be according to the qualifying aspects like experience, deniability of idea, innovation, and many others.

Applications from innovators having CPS technology business proposals, innovators below the age of 30, and women entrepreneurs that have reasonable competence for social impact will be preferred in the evaluation.

IPTIF’s Director & IIT Palakkad’s Assistant Professor, Dr. Albert Sunny stated that IPTIF intends to make India a worldwide leader in the CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) field. In order to understand this, they aim to acquire global-level R&D works, form different support systems for startups & entrepreneurs, and improvise individuals’ skills at various technical levels. Even though their objectives are challenging, he is confident that they can reach all the goals with backing from government, industry, and academia.

While talking about the vision of IPTIF, IPTIF’s General Manager, Mr. Harilal Bhaskar mentioned that IPTIF aspires to make our country a worldwide leader in leading technology by boosting the competitiveness of the country in CPS. They will work & solidify international collaboration, technology-oriented product development, and talent development, all of which will result in long-term job creation and economic growth. Their aim is to offer a platform for properly bridging suppliers, industry, and academia. He is confident that they will reach the target with help from the government, stakeholders, and their partners


Innovation Grant By IPTIF

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