Why The Temporary Absence Of CSIR-NET Exam Is A Boon For All Of Us?

Hey guys what’s up? This is Shekhar Suman from Biotecnika. And today we are going to talk about a boon, some words of wisdom for all of you.

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Number 1 – Pedal hard when everyone is sleeping

What does this mean? When others are relaxing, others are enjoying and others are in the mindset the exams won’t occur, this is your time to pedal harder, to prepare more and strategize your career. You will be able to stay ahead of the competition if you utilize time others are potentially wasting.

Number 2 – Everyone around you is frustrated

In a competition where everyone is frustrated, there will be many who will leave the game. You should not quit. This is your chance to win the competition. Hence prepare and don’t quit on your journey to CSIR NET Exam.

Number 3 – Less Competition 

There will be fewer people willing to write the exam since many people are frustrated or have lost interest so you will not have as much competition and you can utilize this time to study harder, prepare better and write

the exam.

Number 4 – Implementation of Knowledge is the key 

You prepare for CSIR NET and apply this knowledge for other entrance exams at the same time. CSIR NET is the mother of all exams hence preparation for this can be considered as good preparation for other exams as well.

Number 5 – Plan your research career

This is the time to step back and also evaluate your career path. Since the exam has not been announced yet, how else can I make use of this time to improve my skillset and knowledge base? Why not look for some certification courses, internships, some hands-on training, improve on your productivity skills, or presentation skills etc.

Number 6 – Publish papers

Why not publish papers now since you have some time on your hands.

Number 7 – Improve your Interpersonal skills 

We have a KYC series that happens on the Biotecnika App and we have seen how important interpersonal skills or even public speaking skills are important. Biotecnika can help you attain these skills too.

Number 8 – Take advantage of the Free crash course on the Biotecnika App

Biotecnika has a free crash course and a bullet speed revision course is being conducted for free only on the Biotecnika App. The recordings of which are also available only on the Biotecnika App.

Number 9 – Build a circle of friends and mentors

Build a circle of mentors around you. They will help you keep your spirits high.

Number 10 – Keep yourself Updated 

Be in the know-how of all of the latest in the industry.

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