Biotecnika Career Guidance For Biosciences – 10 Ways Biotecnika Can Help

Hello and welcome to Biotecnika, main hoon apka dost aur host Shekhar Suman. And today we’re going to talk about Biotecnika Career Guidance For Biosciences – 10 Ways Biotecnika Can Help.

It’s been 15 years of dedicated service to the biosciences community. We have been very successful in both our mission and vision.

Here are the top 10 pointers by which we help you build a strong career.

Let’s get started

Number 1 – Specialist not a generalist

Let’s put it this way when you have a toothache will you go to a general physician or to a dentist? Similarly for your biosciences career needs will you go to a generic website or a specialist? We are not a generalist, our forte is biosciences. We know only one specific thing.

Number 2 – Vast array of Opportunities

Opportunities don’t just come your way just like that. But opportunities exist in every corner of our country and the globe, so what did we do? We have Biotecnika Official, Biotecnika Global, Biotecnika Hindi – all possible ways we have built so that the right opportunity reaches you’ll. You can also subscribe to

the Biotecnika Newsletter which combines the best of jobs, exams, admissions, scholarships, awards, grants, research proposals, fellowships etc and more under one roof.

Number 3 – Guidance for Competitive exam

In this era of numerous apps we are looking at special apps for niche industries. So why not in the education sector as well? We are specialists of CSIR and GATE exams always having toppers. The secret is that we focused on limited students and be specialists rather than spread ourselves to thin.

Number 4 – Get Certified, get ahead

A constant question we have from subscribers is though they attend interviews they are unable to get through. And most of them pointed out that they are not certified, hence we decided hey why not provide certification courses? Want specific theoretical knowledge? Check out Biotecnika Stores – we have around 56 courses for your perusal.

Number 5 – Know your company series

This is a very very unique offer that we have. What do we do here? You have the degree and the required skill set but you don’t know which company to apply, or the specific skill set you require to apply and get a high paying job. You need to look at which company suits you the best and have a personal coaching session with Mr Shekhar Suman. Join Mr Shekhar Suman on the Biotecnika App.

Number 6 – Virtual Internship

What does this mean? If the right tools are used to demonstrate hand on how things work then it will be beneficial. So we started with Bioinformatics Basics Internship in August, and then Molecular Docking Internship on the Biotecnika App, we have over 1000 students who have enrolled for FREE! All on the app!

Number 7 – Biotecnika App

We had this app in the works for more than 5 years, but this year we have heavily focused on making everything easy for you dear subscribers which is loaded with all amazing features!

Number 8 – Informative Video every Sunday

We’ve been doing this series for a year and a half. Informative videos are posted every Sunday on our official Biotecnika YouTube and we post something new in the biosciences field. Notifications will be sent on Telegram as well. So subscribe and happy watching.

Number 9 – Podcast on your favourite topics

We have our in-house experts who talk about all of the interesting things that are happening around us. It’s an infotainment show which you can listen to on our app for Free again!

Number 10 – Webinar from guest speakers

We have had up to 5 webinars every month. With companies like Altem Technologies, Schrodinger and many more. People learned about 3D Bioprinting and Molecular Docking etc.

This is a way to increase your knowledge and have an amazing time learning as well.

Don’t miss out on all of these. Follow Biotencnika for more.

We have FREE CSIR NET Classes & also Bullet Speed Revision Classes that has started on 09th October 2021 running on the Biotecnika App so come and join us.

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