CSIR NET Exam Tips – How to Answer CSIR NET Life Sciences Paper

Hey guys whatsup, welcome to Biotecnika. Shekhar Suman here and today we are going to talk about not one or two but 10 Untold Rules of CSIR-NET Life Sciences.

In this video, we are going to talk about some untold rules and facts which is very very important to know if you want to qualify for CSIR NET with a high rank.

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So let’s take a look at the rules

Rule Number 1: Always attempt Part C questions first

Many students and teachers can argue that let’s go serial wise, let’s start with Part A, Part B and so on. But you must be aware that Part C has the biggest chunk of marks dedicated to it. It’s also considered to be the toughest section. In that case wouldn’t you want to attempt this section when your mind is fresh? Follow this rule even while attempting your practice tests and mock series.

Rule Number 2: Always match the following questions often.

Look for the MCQ to match the following questions. Because even if you are able to match at least

2 statements, using the context clues and the remaining options you will have a better chance of matching them correctly through the process of elimination.

Rule Number 3: Never attempt a question based on an experiment with preconceived notions.

Always keep the windows to all your sense organs open while attempting these questions. Because not all the experiment based questions you see will be the same or have the same approach as the exams before. So don’t be fooled assuming there is a set method for answering these questions. Be careful and if you have a choice then skip attempting this.

Rule Number 4: If you don’t know weightage in the syllabus, your preparation has no direction.

Always have a printout of the syllabus for you. Sit down with it and see how much

  • You already have studied
  • You find easy
  • You find difficult
  • Which part of the syllabus is most important

With this, you can see how you break down your study preparation and achieve success in the CSIR NET Lifesciences Exam

Rule Number 5: Studying Units 1 to 4 and Unit 8, then studying other units becomes easier.

This rings true since you can correlate and study the other units with ease.

Rule Number 6: Graphical questions need additional attention.

Be very careful while attempting these questions. When questions are set for these types, the X and Y axis metrics are the most important to observe and understand. Because you can be given tricky questions based on the X and Y-axis. Another tip is to always look at the units the data is represented in i.e., kg, mg, ml or L etc.

Rule Number 7: Always allot time to the sections.

Meaning how much time you will spend in each section of Part A, B & C. This you can try out while doing practice tests and mock exams. For eg. spend 1 hour 15 mins on Part C, and set a max time to be spent on Part C to be 1 hour 30 mins, 45 mins to Part B and 15 mins to Part C and remaining time for revision.

Rule Number 8: Don’t have to score high always.

All you have to cross 120 marks out of 200. So to do that you have to just attempt 17 Part B questions, 18 Part C questions and only 8 Part A questions. And with this, you can secure a 120 cutoff at least.

Don’t try to solve everything. Focus on chunks you are comfortable with. Scanning the questions to figure out which questions you know the answers to help a lot.

Rule Number 9: If you choose the wrong question to answer, your chances of qualifying reduces by 50 %.

Negative marking has a huge repercussion on your marks. Always scan the question paper, choose the ones you want to solve and do it perfectly.

Rule Number 10: How many months should I dedicate to CSIR NET preparation.

3 months of dedicated studying and practice provided you’ve done well in your MSc. But if you are not strong in your MSc conceptual knowledge or weak in certain sections of the syllabus.

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