Study Hacks For CSIR NET – Top 15 Things Apart From Book Knowledge

In this video, we will talk about Top 15 things apart from bookish knowledge, which is very important for qualifying for the CSIR NET exam.

Hello, My name is Shekhar Suman, I am the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika & Rasayanika, and we help Students qualify CSIR NET Exam without struggling with subjects.

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Let’s start this video with a question: Can Bookish knowledge alone help you qualify for CSIR NET

Now for most of you know this question has a pretty straightforward answer and that is NO, It’s not possible.

But in that case, the question is what else you need to know apart from Bookish Knowledge to Qualify CSIR NET exam.

Now if you go on Youtube or if you Join any Coaching Company, you will find teachers teaching you subjects such as Cell Biology, Mol Bio, Genetics, Ecology, evolution, etc. But no one is talking about some very very important aspects of this Exam that are not there in the books but you must know and execute.

So today I am going to tell you Top 15 Study Hacks For CSIR NET Apart From Bookish Knowledge which is very important if you wish to qualify CSIR NET exam.

Let’s get Started

Number 1: Daily Schedule Hacks – Now if I was in your shoes, I will never start the preparation without a proper plan, Remember when I say proper plan and not a perfect plan, there is no plan in this world that is perfect but definitely a plan is better than no Plan. isn’t it? Alright now, let’s get started with Daily Schedule Hacks,

  • 1st thing is to divide your day into at least three to four study chunks of at least 1.5 to 2 hrs. That can be either Morning 8 AM to 10 AM, 10 Am to 12 Noon, 2 PM to 4 PM, 6 Pm to 8 PM or 9 Pm to 11 PM.
  • Now, this depends on what kind of person you are – an Early riser or Late Nighter.
  • Okay now that you have divided your day into study slots – you need to decide which slots will be revision slots and which slots will be study slots.
  • Always keep revision as either the 1st thing of the day or the last thing of the day. However, I personally prefer 1st study slot of the day as the revision slot.
  • Now rest 3 slots are still left and you can accommodate the study topics as you please in these slots, for your help, I am including a CSIR NET Study Planner in the description of this video and if you are subscribed to Biotecnika then you will keep getting Most updated study planner every 6 months.

Number 2: Habit Formation Hacks – Okay so now that you have the DSH or Daily schedule hacked, you need to hack your habits. I will give you 3 formulas for hacking Habits which I learnt from James Clear – the Habit Guru. and they are:

  • Make Punctuality Your identity – people should know you how you worship being on time
  • Make Studying Attractive, Easy with the help of study aids and reward yourself each time you achieve a goal
  • Track Your Habits and find out how can you optimise them to suit your daily goals

Number 3: Exam Rule Hacks – Now there are 5 Exam rule hacks that you need to know. I have made a separate video, the link is given in the description on how to hack exam rules. Be sure to watch that out. Alright Moving ahead

Number 4: Right Mentor – Why do you need the right mentor – this question is as simple as saying you could have learnt to walk in your childhood by yourself without your parents teaching you. No one can become the Sachin Tendulkar of his or her field without having the right mentor. So invest in a Good coaching Company which can take the responsibility of helping you with this. In this case, Biotecnika & Rasayanika can be your best friend because we have tonnes of mentors and expert faculty members who have been doing just that every day for the past 14 years now

Number 5: Syllabus Hacks – Now this is a very simple yet very powerful hack that you need to know. The syllabus for the CSIR NET exam is not just vast, but that’s is why the CSIR NET exam is called the Mother of all Exams and that’s why you must know syllabus hacking. How to do that – Very Simple – divide the syllabus into 3 parts – Very Important, Important and Not So Important and then target the very important topics first, followed by important and then you can even skip the not so important topics, Remember you are here to qualify the exam and not do PhD on the exam syllabus. so, shun that idea of covering that syllabus. Only Losers focus on covering the syllabus, smart students focus on data science related to the syllabus. So if you are a smart student then check out the Kickstarter webinar recording – link in the description which will help you identify the 3 aspects of Syllabus hacking.

Number 6: Question Practice Hacks – This is needless to say a very important thing. Now, most students pick up a question bank to solve questions. But that’s the wrong way to approach the questions. Instead, focus on which questions are easy and which ones to skip. So essentially you need to train your brain on Question Paper Decision making and if you want to master that then kindly watch the Question Pickup Training webinar video recording – the link is given in the description.

Number 7: Time Management Hacks – Now this is for those 3 hours of the exam when you are sitting solving questions. If you want to excel in this then, you need to mimic exam conditions every week at least once, where you sit with a question paper in between the exam timings. which for life sciences is 9 AM to 12 Noon and solve questions on a laptop or a computer so that you are accustomed to doing that. Additionally, you need to divide your time between first solving Part C questions, then Part B questions and if time permits then Part A questions. Remember there is no sectional cut off so you can focus 1st on most scoring Part C and then Part B. Also, you need to first pick up and solve easy questions from Part C then move to medium difficulty level questions. Remember no one is going to give you a Nobel prize to solve the most difficult questions in the paper. So refrain from that.

Number 8: Using Technology Tools to your advantage – Technology is your best friend and it will remain your best friend forever. But how you use it makes all the difference. The first tech hack is Using your Alarm clock to stick to your schedule. The 2nd tech hack is measuring how much time you are wasting on mobile – you can download the Stayfree app for that. The 3rd tech hack is using an iPad and an Apple pencil to make notes so that you can carry your notes wherever you want, if you cannot afford an iPad or you are an Android fan then go for any Notes scanning app so that you can carry your notes everywhere. The 4th tech hack is downloading the Pomodoro app to study using the Pomodoro technique. The 5th tech Hack is using Home Workout App to keep yourself fit.


Number 9: Using Study Tools – Picture this – you are sitting in an exam but you are unable to recall a crucial concept. Now, this happens only when you use your textual memory and not photographic memory. To solve this problem I strongly recommend using Study aids such as Colorful Flowcharts, Flashcards, Koncept Clouds, Short Notes etc. Now all these study aids are available in Biotecnika Stores, So check out the description to download them or order them.

Number 10: Taking advantage of Other people’s Mistakes – You can achieve this by Joining study groups where serious students solve tough questions together and then discuss how to solve them. However this comes with a strict warning – do not join random groups on the internet, instead form a group of 4-5 friends around you who are also preparing for the exam. You can also take the help of 24X7 Chat support for doubt solving provided by BioTecNika & Rasayanika to achieve this.

Number 11: Avoiding Online Gossip – The biggest problem of self-doubt arises when students start listening to Online gossip, which starts killing their preparation spirit. Remember you are a Human and your Brain can get heavily distracted if you start reading Online Gossip. So Minimize your Facebook and WhatsApp usage using the Stayfree app and focus on studies.

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Number 12: Revision Hacking – How can you revise faster, smarter and better so that you can recall concepts faster during the exam? Very Simply use Study aids which i mentioned earlier. One additional point I can add here is Spaced Revisions – for this we made a separate video sometime back which you can check out – link is given in the description.

Number 13: Smart Memory Recall Hacks– Smart Students use Smart memory recall techniques to qualify the exam. Research suggests that we remember things better jab hum usse kisi cheez k sath relate karte hai using semantic encoding. For example jab kisi Biochemical pathway ko us organ se relate karke yaad karte hai jaha woh pathway execute hota hai.Now To retrieve a memory, your brain “replays” or revisits the nerve pathways created when the memory was formed. Repeatedly recalling information helps strengthen those connections and your memories, which is why techniques like reviewing your notes or using flashcards help you retain information. Remember the neurons which wire together, Fire Together so you need to wire your brain during practice to help you recall faster during the exam. You also need to do Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve Your Memory such as sleeping for at least 6-7 hrs a day and designing a meal plan etc

Number 14: Study Plan Optimization Hacks – Remember when you are studying, you are the pilot of your Preparation Plane, you are the single most important traveller of that plane and you are also the engineer of that plane. So you need to engineer & optimize your preparation plan by 1% every day, then only you can achieve 37 times better results at the end of the year.


Number 15: Excercise – Picture this – You are sitting in the exam hall and you start getting a severe headache, or severe back pain or may start feeling feverish and/or any other symptoms. Imagine how these small things can negatively impact your performance in the exam. Thus you need to design a Smart meal Plan and Smart Excercise regimen throughout your preparation duration. Then only you can hit a six in this match called the CSIR NET exam.

Now, these are 15 points of Study Hacks For CSIR NET which are very important to qualify for the exam but no one talks about it. The reason behind this is all these are real secrets and today now that I have shared these Study Hacks For CSIR NET, go execute your plan smarter and better this time. Remember these strategies keep evolving with time so be sure to subscribe to Biotecnika’s Youtube channel and Facebook fan page. We will keep you updated when we post the next version of this video and many other videos in the future. Till then keep Learning & Never ever Give up!

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