Today, we are going to talk about the Top 15 Apps which can make your CSIR NET & GATE Preparation Simpler, Faster & Much much more efficient.

One thing which comes to mind of Aspirant for these exams is that Exam Preparation is a very long, slow, and tedious process. The worst thing being some chapters and Units takes months to complete and students lose track of time and eventually start losing interest in the Subject.

Keeping this problem in mind, I will show you the Top 15 Apps, which will help you make this process simpler, faster, and much more efficient.

App Number 1:

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Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence, Today Ai can transcribe your Teachers voice into text and even you can take voice notes using Otter while the teacher is teaching, That way you need not note down everything during the class and you can refer back to the text and audio recording for future revision purposes

Number 2: or Google Task – task management App

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I always have insisted on Planning, the biggest problem with any plan is forgetting, So if you download

the free version of or Google Task, you can set your tasks in it, and it will remind you every time. This way you will be always on time and never miss your tasks – whether its revision or chapter completion etc

Number 3: Notability

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Notability is my favorite app for taking notes, in fact, it’s the most efficient app for notes taking but it’s not available for FREE and it’s only available on an Ipad or iPhone and you need an Apple Pencil to take notes. However, if you have an iPad and Apple pencil this is the best app to make notes and carry it everywhere you go. If you are on android and you have a Tablet then you can use the Notebook App by Zoho

Number 4: Natural Reader Chrome extension

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Suppose you are reading a long webpage but you don’t want to, then you can install this chrome extension and enjoy listening to the text, It makes any webpage in an audible format using Artificial Intelligence.

Number 5: Stay Free App

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Most of us are addicted to our mobiles phones, but when you are preparing for competitive exams, this can be counterproductive thus you can use the stay free app to record your app Usage so that you know when you spent more hours and on which app, This way you can control your time-wasting habits and focus more on studies

Number 6: Home Workout

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When you are preparing for an exam, you must stay fit, any kind of illness can be dangerous, especially when the exam is very near. Also just sitting at Home and simply studying can lower down your immunity. Home workout app helps you do regular exercise and stay fit.

Number 7: Headspace

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When you are preparing for CSIR NET or any such competitive exams, you need a clear head, a stress-free mind, and a focus on your goal. But your weakness is you are Human. So You can use headspace to hear to some soothing meditation exercises for FREE and improve on your memory, focus, destress yourself, and get better at what you do – Studying

Number 8: Amazon Alexa

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Alexa is a Life Saviour for many students. You will ask how? You can set alarms, reminders, to-do tasks, and listen to music if you love listening to music while studying. It can also turn the lights of your bedroom on as soon as you wake up so that you don’t fall sell again by seeing the darkness around you. The list is endless and the App is FREE. so Go ahead download Alexa today

Number 9: Document Scanner App

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Gone are the days when students used to carry heavy books or notes while traveling. Today you can use any good Document scanner app to scan the notes and textbooks and carry it with you for quick reference and revision.

Number 10: Pomodoro App

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This App is very very efficient but only for those who know how to use it. Pomodoro technique is the best and most stress-free technique for studying. And the best part you can now follow the Pomodoro technique while studying in this app

Number 11: Social Media Blocker App

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Stay Focused – App Block & Website Block – Social Media is the biggest enemy of any student who is trying to study. In today’s era, Everyone is a New channel and has something to share and that means there are much more noise and gossip around you than earlier. I call it social Noise and it’s very lethal for your preparation. So if you want to reduce Social noise while studying you can download and enable this app.

Number 12: Maths Alarm Clock

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How many of you find it difficult to wake up early in the morning? This app makes it easy to wake you up by making you solve a maths question before you snooze your alarm. That way you will be able to stick to your habit of waking up early and study.

Number 13: Gmail Schedule Email

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This is a very important feature of Gmail and I use it extensively. So how can a student use this feature to study better? You can schedule an email to your future self and write tasks in it. For example, today is 10th December and you wish to start revising Unit 1 on 4th March 2021, you can schedule and email yourself to start revision and you will get this as an email on 4th March. As simple as that.

Number 14: Whatsapp

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Quick Revision Bytes, Group Collaboration – Whatsapp is a great communication tool but as a student, you too can utilize it for studying. You can create a group of 4-5 students and do a group study together and discuss questions. Additionally, you can ask your doubts and other students can reply. However this must be used with a word of caution, you will tend to use it for non-study purposes and that can be dangerous so use it wisely.

Number 15: Biotecnika Official App

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Biotecnika Offical App is now empowered with the Biotecnika e-Learner course which you can access anytime on the go. You can also chat with your Biotecnika Teachers, ask questions, and attend LIVE lectures as well as watch recorded lectures. All you need to do is visit the play store or App store and download it. Biotecnika Also keeps you ahead of others by informing you of Job Opportunities and Exams related alerts in a timely manner

So these were the apps that will assist you in your CSIR NET & GATE exam Preparation, Let me know in the comments section which app you prefer most among these and any other app you use to improve your exam preparation.

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Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika