How to Qualify CSIR NET & GATE Exams – 10 Points On Getting Lucky

Who doesn’t want to be lucky in their life?

Everyone wants to be, I want, you want, but if we have to ask who is the luckiest person in a competitive exam then the answer is definitely the Student who topped the exam.

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So now we need to investigate how can we also get lucky and become a topper of any exam. How to develop a topper Mindset and how to get lucky in your CSIR NET & GATE exams? Let’s get started

Number 1: Observation – You need to develop keen observation skills whenever we study a new concept or an old concept. Look at questions and observe the goals of why this kind of question was asked and what other kinds of questions can be asked. Observe and Observe. That’s the first step to develop a scientific persona and solve questions faster.

Number 2: Planning – Many times you will feel planning is such a waste of time, you sit in the morning thinking about what you have to do today in an hourly manner, trust me in my student life even I felt the same. But when I started planning, I realized that I was in better control of my day and my career. Same you must apply if you want to be successful.

Number 3: Tools & Technology – Whenever I see technologies like Study Tools & tech-based on Artificial intelligence and its deployment in student life, I feel these are the little secrets that no one tells you and you must know how to implement technology in your Student life to study better, retain longer and recall faster. Technology has the power to put you way ahead of your competitors and during exam preparation, you must embrace it. I have made a separate video on Top 15 Apps that can automate your CSIR NET Exam preparation. Do check it out. The link is given in the description.

Number 4: Quick Decision Making – Luck favours only those who are capable of making instant decisions in life and especially when it comes to competitive exams. If you wish to be successful in CSIR NET, GATE, or any competitive exam then you must practice decision making during your mock practice sessions and decide which questions to attempt and which ones to skip. This will help you make decisions faster under exam pressure.

Number 5 – Stay Fit – Stamina Matters – Now it’s not the most brilliant minds who know How to Qualify CSIR NET but the ones who have developed physical and mental stamina. If you wish to develop the same then exercise regularly and do meditation to keep your mind focussed and fit. This will help you handle last-minute exam pressures perfectly

Number 6 – Do not procrastinate – Delaying your actions are your biggest enemy and bring bad luck, You ask how? Let me answer that. During your exam preparation days if you keep delaying studying the tough topics or solving previous year’s question papers then you will fail to develop a topper mindset. When the actual exam will begin, even there you will have a habit of not solving scoring Part C questions because they seem lengthy and tough at first glance.

Number 7 – No Comparision – Take Inspiration – Toppers never compare their preparation status or level with anyone else, comparison leads to self-doubt, worry, and anxiety. Instead, they take inspiration from fellow classmates and execute their plans in a much better manner.

Number 8 – Take Advantage of Opportunities – As a student, you are not supposed to be in a dilemma of cost versus benefits, that’s the job of parents. Your job is to look at the rewards of Success. So never fall into a dilemma situation or catch 22 situations where you keep wondering whether you should take admission in coaching just because it costs you or whether you should buy that book or tool which simplifies your exam preparation. Cheap things never give you the same value as slightly costly alternatives. In today’s world, Everything has a cost associated with it but no one can give you back the time lost during exam preparation if you fail. So you have to decide today if you want to get lucky or not.

Surround yourself with the Right mentors – No one can become Sachin Tendulkar of their field without the Right coach, Right Mentor. So it’s very important for you to surround yourself with the right set of experienced mentors who are 24X7 available to support your exam preparation, they will be able to highlight your mistakes and rectify them during practice sessions itself, so that you don’t make costly mistakes during the actual exam.

Learn from Other people’s Mistakes – Now there is a famous saying Why commit a mistake and then learn from it, instead we can learn from other people’s mistakes. The easiest way to do that is joining coaching and surrounding yourself with like-minded people, like-minded students, and teachers who are dedicating their time 24 by 7 to the same goal as you.

Bonus Tip – Stay away from Online Gossip – Online Gossip is the most dangerous form of Gossip which can destroy your self-confidence and make you feel belittled and make you believe that you are not going to qualify for the exam this time. As a student, your belief in yourself is your biggest asset and gossip destroys it completely. So Stay away from Online Gossip

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So these were the 11 tips that can make you lucky in your exam and How to Qualify CSIR NET with top marks. Remember it’s not only the bookish knowledge you need. You need grit, determination, and of course Good Luck

Good Luck can be enticed by accepting opportunities, Students who take action are favoured by the Goddess of Good Luck. So if you wanna get lucky, make sure you have these 10 elements or precursors to Getting Lucky.

All the best for your Exams!

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