CSIR NET 2021 Exams Postponed Further – Appeal To CSIR HRDG & NTA

Hello & Welcome to BioTecNika; I am your host and Dost Shekhar, and I am sure you all must have got the Big news – the tweet put up by CSIR HRDG saying that there is no certainty about exams. So this video is to discuss the next steps that CSIR HRDG must take to relieve the aspiring students from the exam-related mental agony and uncertainty due to CSIR NET 2021 Exams Postponed Further.

Let’s get started

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The Million Dollar question is being asked everywhere: If CSIR NET Exam Postponed again – then Whats Next? What should the exam conducting authority do in such cases? And what should the students do in such cases? What’s the least we should expect from CSIR HRDG?

Now we cannot put the life & career of CSIR NET Aspirants in Jeopardy, and that is why we are making this video to appeal to CSIR HRDG and NTA to give some respite to the students.

With no certainty about the CSIR NET exam dates, Aspirants are in a panicked state and confused about how to shape their careers next.

With CSIR HRDG’s tweet regarding the CSIR NET 2021 Exams Postponed further, we analyzed what aspirants are most worried about and their demands from the CSIR NET Conducting Authority.

Here is a 10 Point demand which we would like to put forth and ask all our subscribers, viewers, and exam aspirants to vote for. These points are compiled after consulting several students; these are not our views but a compilation of the views of all aspirants who participated in our survey. Starting with

Number 1: At least open the Application Forms so that the online application process kicks off and the exam can be conducted immediately as soon as 2nd wave subsides. Now I think this is one the most important and practical steps that can be taken so that everything is ready to cook and as soon as corona scores go down, we all can go and write the exam.

Number 2: Provide 2 Years Age Relaxation for those who have crossed the upper age limit and missed writing the exam in Dec 2020, June 2021, and Dec 2021. Since Dec 20 was cancelled, and June 21 is on the verge of cancellation, we, NET-aspirants, are losing two precious opportunities in our career. The upper age limit of CSIR-NET must be increased to restore justice.

Number 3: Increase in Fellowships – Some students have been demanding an increase in fellowships; now, there always has been this demand for a hike in fellowships, and this pandemic has proved our point, giving higher fellowship to researchers is an investment in the future.

Number 4: Provide Assurance: Assurance if the CSIR exam will be conducted twice this year. If nothing above can be done, at least clarity should be given by the CSIR HRDG whether there will be 2 exams this year or only one. This will help aspirants decide better on their plans.

Number 5: Increase in Number of Seats – Now, if the exam cannot be conducted 2 times in a year, then at least double the number of seats so that more students can get chances to do research.

Number 6: Conduct the exam following COVID protocols – Now, just like CBSE exams, CSIR NET exams can also be conducted following the COVID protocols. We do not say that you conduct the exam right away. Instead, conduct it when the total cases per day come below a certain benchmark level, such as 1 lakh cases per day.

Number 7: Conduct Online Internships to engage aspiring Students. Now, this may not come under the purview of NTA, but CSIR HRDG can certainly engage the aspirants in some kind of Online educational activity while the exam is on hold; this will create a good impression among the students and will encourage them to keep pursuing their studies.

Number 8: Conduct a Youtube Livestream and answer Student’ questions – Now that’s the least we can ask for. If none of the previous points can be executed, the least that can be done is be responsive and show care to the student community who spend years preparing for this prestigious exam.

Number 9: Create a Student Helpdesk – Now we all know that there exists a helpdesk, but no one replies. If the previous webinar idea is not possible, then activate the helpdesk and reply to individual student queries. This will help the students get some clarity on how to proceed in their careers.

Number 10: Don’t keep us in the Dark – Now, whatever they do, they must immediately acknowledge that CSIR NET aspiring students are in deep trouble and that CSIR HRDG cares for them, and that’s why they will certainly take further action immediately. So if you are from CSIR HRDG, kindly acknowledge this video in our tweet and let the student community know that CSIR HRDG is here to care for them.

Now there are many steps that CSIR HRDG can take up, but they will only do it if All aspirants come together and tag CSIR HRDG in a tweet and share this video with them. So kindly help us reach out to the most respected research organization in the country and attract their attention to our students’ plight. Like, Share and tweet – Don’t stop unless CSIR HRDG responds. We must seek help from the same great organization which we seek to join in the future.

Also, kindly comment below which point you liked the most and add more points that you feel must be heard, implemented, and executed.

Thank you so much for your valuable time; I will see you in our next video.

Till then, take care.

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  1. Thank You for the 10 point positive demands.At least CSIR should open the website for examination form fill up.

  2. I like point number 3 the most. I would like to add the following in the same point.
    CSIR conducted exam of June 2020 and the result is with them. Slow down the cut off of that so as to increase the number of qualified candidates to one or two percentage.

  3. Very good approach on behalf of csir aspirants.I think nta can conduct csir exam very promptly as last year with covid sop.Application process should start,no of fellowship should be increased,I agree with your all ten point resolution.Thank you

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