Today will discuss: What are the Top 10 things you should do when your CSIR NET exam gets postponed.

Now before we get started, you have to understand one thing. Postponement of Exams doesn’t mean that exams will never happen, so do not make that mistake of relaxing and taking things for granted; instead, follow the instructions in this video to gain maximum out of this postponement.

After an exam gets postponed, the biggest blunder students make is they keep their preparation on hold, thinking they now have enough time to prepare.

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Whenever exams get postponed, you feel nervous about your future career prospects, but worrying about anything will not resolve your problem. It will make the situation worse. You cannot undo what has been done; You can only adapt. So let’s adapt with the help of these 10 pointers:

Step 1: RePlan your Plan

So let us assume your exam has got postponed by 1 month, that means now you have extra 30 days to handle the most important topics & units. But hey, this was not in your initial plan, and that means now you can use this extra 30 days to revise better, practice more questions, and mock tests. However, many students complain that they feel bored revising the same topic again and again. So you need to know here is: You are not bored of the topic, but you are bored of the method of revision, and that brings me to the next point:

Step 2: Find creative ways to Revise

Alright, So normally, how do you revise? You take a book or your own notes and start studying from it? Yes. And that’s why you feel bored. Now that your exam has got postponed find out new ways to revise such as Flashcards, Koncept Wheels, Revision via making or referring Flowcharts, etc. This way you will not get bored, and studying will become easier as well as fun.

Step 3: Target the toughest chapters/topics

Now, in one of my videos, if you remember, I told you to find out 3 types of topics from the Syllabus:

  • Topics which are Important + They interest you
  • Topics Which are important, but they are not your area of interest
  • And Topics which are not important

So use the extra time to study the 2nd types of topics which are important but do not interest you. However, again I wish to state here – always make studying fun by utilizing some of the other unique, unusual learning methods because typical rote learning is boring and not your type of learning. Isn’t it?


Step 4: Read Interesting & Important articles related to your exam:

CSIR NET Exams are postponed means now you have more time to read articles, research papers, and career guidance articles, and that means you are free to read and devour all the articles in the career guide section of Biotecnika and various other research journals such as nature, science direct, NCBS, etc

Step 5: Focus on General Aptitude:

Often, students avoid general aptitude. Let me tell you, the general aptitude part can be one of the most scoring parts of the CSIR NET exam if you have prepared it well. Now that you have time, you can give time to this- solving the logical reasoning questions and numerical; this will not only help you score a better rank, it can also help you relax your mind and divert your mind from regular life science topics.

Step 6: Find a Study Buddy

In this time, anxiety becomes your biggest enemy. To overcome that, Knowing someone is going through the same thing. Connect with your friends online who you think can help you overcome your anxiety- Play games, refresh your mind -invent games to help you revise, set targets. Discuss your thoughts and things going in your mind. Spending time with your friends will freshen you and energized you when you sit to study.

Step 7: Utilise this time to do Career Research

After your exams are over, you are in a different zone, and you miss the time to research what kind of career you want to build, which lab or field you want to get into. Knowing that your exams have been postponed gives you extra time to prepare your mind early in choosing the field you want to get into. Use this time to research what kind of lab you want to get into and what field you want to pursue research in. Check out BioTecNika’s Opportunities section to find this out.


Step 8: Concentrate on your physical & mental fitness – Meditate

Yes, it sounds a bit odd but believes me, meditation is a wonderful as well as a powerful weapon, it gives you the superpower to control your thoughts and divert your mental energies in the right direction; you need to understand that along with physical fitness, mental fitness is very much important. Meditation will bring lots of positive thoughts inside you and increase your concentration power, which is very important at this time. At the same time, Physical fitness is the need of the hour; being a biology student, you must not fall for obesity and lifestyle diseases in the future, thus making it a habit to do 1-hour exercise every day and at least 5 minutes of meditation to improve the quality of your thoughts, decisions, work, and actions.

Step 9: Read Good Books

Now the books which I am going to recommend for you is not course books but some great self-help books which have helped me immensely: they are

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Make time by Jake Knapp John Zeratsky
  • Ikigai by Hector Garcia, Francesc Miralles.

Read these books, and you will realize that they have transformed you from a college student to a world-class professional.

Step 10: Learn from Certification Courses

Now, if the exams are postponed, it does not mean you will allow having a gap in your resume; you must have done something worthwhile during this period which adds value to your career, and thus you can opt for various Certification courses available at Biotecnika stores, whether you want to master CRISPR gene editing or become a Molecular biology expert, we have everything you need, every aspect of Life sciences research is covered, and the best part is it costs as low as only Rs 700, and you get lifetime access to your courses.

So there you have it, Top 10 ways to keep yourself engaged while the exam has got postponed. These productive ways will certainly help you, boost your career and help you become a great scientist of tomorrow.

Today, if you learn to master the art of handling stress that everyone is facing now due to the current situation, you will definitely come out as shiny as the diamond.

Follow these 10 Tips to keep yourself tension-free when CSIR NET EXAM is Postponed and take your CSIR NET preparation to the next level.

Do comment and share your experience on handling the situation, and I am sure there will be many students like yourself who will benefit from it.

We are all in this together, and we will come out victorious.

See you next time, until then. Take care, Stay Safe!

Mr.Shekhar Suman
Biotecnika Info Labs Pvt Ltd

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika