Crowd And Mask Monitoring System, COVID-19

Crowd And Mask Monitoring System To Assure Safety During COVID-19 Turmoil

Scientists from Bhopal’s IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education & Research) have devised a cheap AI-driven technology that will detect the people’s movement inside the campus and transmit a pre-recorded signal as an alert if there is a violation of social distancing rules. This unique and economical AI-powered system is handy to carry and easy to employ at different sites, claims a statement declared by the organization.

Focussing on reducing the COVID-19 spread, the Crowd & Mask detecting device will assist in keeping a minimum 3 feet distance between students. Since the institute started the procedures for bringing students back to campus the AI detection units will replicate the manual policing, officials stated.

In an effort to address COVID-19 spread, Dr. P.B. Sujit, associate professor from the department of electrical engineering & computer science, together with Dr. Santanu Talukdar and Dr. Mitradip Bhattacharjee, assistant professors from the same department, and Dr. Venkateshwar Rao, an assistant professor from the department of chemical engineering, IISER Bhopal, and Mr. Kasi Viswanath, a BS-MS student devised this AI-steered system that can simulate manual policing to assure that COVID-19 prevention protocols are followed

A Model of the Mask & Crowd Monitoring System devised at IISER, Bhopal. Image Credits: India Science Wire

Elucidating the technology, DR. P.B. Sujit reported that they wanted a simple monitoring system to warn students violating social distancing norms in particular regions.

Dr. Sujit added that the developers employed principles of AI-ML (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) in a high definition camera connected to a microchip server and a 5V battery inside a 3-dimensional printed case to detect the people’s movement within the campus.

If the camera identifies that the mask & social distancing norms are breached, the system begins alerting the mass with a pre-recorded message.

He further mentioned that the system was earlier used within the campus in October 2020 and was constantly improved until it became stable with the least false alerts. As a result, individuals have become conscious about social distancing and are complying with the norms with more caution.

There are 7 IISERs across the nation. The innovators are intending to open source the entire system together with a how-to-use manual for the improvement of the community in such a riotous COVID-19 period, the authorities claimed.

Dr. Sujit asserted that given the possibility, this system can be employed in different public regions to assure that the basic safety norms are not breached in this difficult period of the COVID-19 outbreak

Crowd And Mask Monitoring System