PM Modi COVID-vaccine meet
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PM Modi COVID-vaccine meet: Prime Minister to meet chief ministers today over Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been active regarding matters related to the vaccine. There have often been meeting between the PM and state chief ministers after the COVID-19 outbreak in India. The drugs regulator of India approved Oxford’s Covishield (manufactured by SII) and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin (our indigenous vaccine) for Restricted use. The country currently has 7 other vaccines in various stages of development. The COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer is among those that can be imported. The pharma giant Pfizer has applied for Emergency Use Authorization in India to initiate the vaccine’s import and sales.

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The PM Modi COVID-vaccine meet will be ahead of the country’s vaccine rollout, where the first coronavirus case was reported in Kerala on 30th January of 2020. This was followed by a viral breakout due to people flying into the country’s capital and its surrounding areas from abroad. A mass vaccination drive has been commenced in many countries against coronavirus infection, which first came to light in China in the last month of 2019. Since then, the deadly virus has stolen about 20 lakh lives worldwide while infecting 9 crore people.

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In 2020’s December, UK initiated the global vaccine drive. It was followed by several other countries like the US, France, Belarus, Hungary, Argentina, Italy, Belgium, Kuwait, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Oman, Costa Rica, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic,  the UAE, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Israel, Malta, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Qatar, Slovakia, Germany, and Switzerland. However, within a few days of the drive initiated in the UK, a new strain of coronavirus was discovered to be infecting people more contagiously, leading Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain, to abandon plans of attending the Republic day parade in India as this year’s chief guest.

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As PM Modi leads the COVID-vaccine meet, people get tested or administered with the vaccine everywhere. This includes some countries’ heads being the first recipient, while in some others, elderly people, healthcare workers, or sanitation staff are being given first preference.




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