Today in this article we are going to discuss How can an Average Student also Qualify CSIR NET Exam?

But before we begin, you must know that there is this misconception about being an Average Student.

The biggest problem is students start self-doubting themselves even before they pass themselves through the right parameters, the right metrics! And that is where this misconception begins; you see if gaining marks is the parameter of being a Bright student then 99% of students are average students.

Agreed right?

There is a thinking today that as long as you have good marks in college you are considered a Brilliant student. This is the biggest misconception of the Modern World. You are not an average student unless gaining knowledge is not your goal.

Most of you are here to gain knowledge and you need to strengthen your belief today that as long as you are a Knowledge Seeker you cannot be an average student.

Coming back to the topic of discussion: Can an Average Student also Qualify for CSIR NET Exam?

No, you are not an average student but yes let us now modify this question and ask Can a Knowledge Seeker Student Qualify CSIR

NET Exam?

You know the answer, The answer is Yes, Of Course, 200 percent.

If seeking knowledge is your passion, if you enjoy your subject then definitely you are going to qualify for any exam.

But then you will say: “I have been studying, I have been a knowledge seeker for the last 14 years now, but still I am failing. So what should I do?”

For this question, Answers are plenty but only if you ask the Right Questions from Life.

Here are 10 Points which can transform an average aka Knowledge Seeker Student into a Successful Qualifier of the CSIR NET Exam.

    1. Planning – Everyone tells you to plan well, now no one tells you how to plan well? The problem is planning is always a very very personal thing, so no one else’s plan will work for you. Here are some tips which will help you plan better this time or next time. Always Plan your Day, first thing in the morning, make a list of the chapters and topics you want to study, and then prioritize your list, this way you will always know where to get started. And then you can decide which parts of the day you wish to study, chalk out a daily schedule, and then stick to it, Similarly design your monthly schedule and half-yearly schedule. Remember No one can stick to their plan 100% So don’t get irritated if you could not stick to it. Be Agile, Be flexible but never give up on planning.
    2. Habits – Habits are atomic in nature but they have a long-lasting effect on your Life and on your career. Habits are tiny bits of automatic actions that you take every day without even thinking about them. For example, waking up early in the morning or brushing the teeth. Similarly, if you incorporate habits that support your daily plan then you will be in a better position to implement the plan. For example, if you want to study in the morning hours, then obviously you need to make a habit first to wake up early.
    3. Mentor – Picture this – if Sachin Tendulkar had no mentor do you think he would have become what he is today? Every player needs a Coach, Now there are numerous articles on the Internet where people say Self Study is sufficient to qualify for the CSIR NET exam. But it is like saying Sachin would have become a great player without his Cricket Coach. Think about it! You may be genetically superior to others when it comes to studying, but without guidance, you are just a rudderless Ship that will end up in the wrong direction. So Stop relying on Only Self Study, Go Find a mentor.
    4. Clarity of Thoughts – This is very very important for any Student. Any kind of dilemma is the biggest enemy. If you are not clear in your Vision, your mission, you can never plan, you can never create good habits that complement your plan, So whenever you are in a dilemma, take the help of mentors. If your mentor is not available, take a piece of paper and write the pros and cons of your decisions, and that way you will know which step to take first.
    5. Understanding the difference between Temporary Defeats and Permanent Failures – This is again a very important thumb rule when it comes to exam preparation. Suppose you are reading Calvin cycle and you find it difficult to understand – Now this is temporary defeat but if you quit preparing altogether just because you could not understand a topic – that is permanent failure. You have to bounce back from temporary defeats faster than ever and you have to know that as long as you are trying you have not been defeated.
    6. Play by Rules of the Exam – Anyone can tell you the exam rules, what is that? Negative Marking, Right? Wrong, this is just the 1st rule of the game. The 2nd rule is identifying easy questions and then Deciding which question to answer first. The 3rd rule is keeping a balance between time spent per question and the total time left. The 4th rule is recalling faster and skipping those questions where you are unable to recall concepts faster. The 5th Rule is ensuring that you have enough time to revise your answers marked in the exam portal.
    7. Stop Self Doubting – Now as you know the 5 rules of this exam from the above point, you will start self-doubting. You will start feeling you are not good enough, not equipped enough to take on this exam. But that is where you need to learn the magic. Your effort in preparation is not going to kill your success in this exam, but your self-doubt will. You see self-doubting leads to lack of confidence and nervousness and what happens when a driver is nervous – Accidents. So Stop self-doubting and surround yourself with a Good mentor and Good Books which will support your confidence level.
    8. Exam is like an Olympics Game – So you need to learn how players prepare for the Olympics. Let us give you a small glimpse of it. Olympics players take help of a coach, invest their time and energy every day in practice, and are ready to practice even if it’s 2 AM in the morning. They follow every instruction from their coach to the minutest of details. If their coach says Stand then they stand, if the coach says Sit, then they sit. They focus on what they do today instead of worrying about which team won last time, Similarly you also need to implement these strategies in your life to be successful in this exam and beyond.
    9. Improve & Optimise your Strategies 1% Per day –  Like we gave an example of the Olympics earlier, the players believe in improving their performance by 1% every day and that leads to 37 times better performance after a year. Similarly, you need to improve your preparation strategy by 1% per day. Optimize your plan by 1% per day and you will see 37 times better results compared to last time. That’s the secret!
    10. Sandwich Mock Tests in between Lectures: Now there is no rocket science in this but most of us do not do it. We do not practice enough exam related questions in between Lectures. So Suppose your teacher taught you the Michaelis Menten equation yesterday, you must practice as many questions as possible about it today before you enter the class. To achieve this kind of punctuality, you have to sit like an eagle focussing on your Daily Plan, treat your daily study habits like a Religious ritual, and avoid as many surprise events as possible from your schedule. 

Now we have 100+ more points in our list, but these 10 pointers are more than enough to do the Magic.

But before the Magic happens, The Magician must know the rules of Magic. Now, who is the Magician, It’s you. So here are a few rules if you want to Magically qualify in the CSIR NET exam:

Number 1: You have to put in more effort than the Author of the Book, which you pick to read

Number 2: You have to be always eager to learn

Number 3: Stop Listening to Exam related Gossip on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other places

Number 4: You have to be willing to pay the price to hire a mentor or a Coaching Company which can pay attention to your Preparation in a Personalised manner

Number 5: You have to read this article or watch the video attached at least 3 times every year if you wish to create magic for yourself

So there you have it, Yes An Average Student Sorry A Knowledge Seeker Student can qualify CSIR NET exam yes definitely but you have to take the 10 steps as we mentioned in this video and follow the 5 Magical rules.

Success will be at your fingertips!

All the Best. Have a Bright Life. Cheers!

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