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Become A Great Researcher – 10 Points Which Will Help You

Imagination knows no Borders
Innovation knows no Borders

Then why should you know any boundary, any limitation? Why should you limit your potential as a researcher?

In this article today, Mr. Shekhar Suman, CEO & MD at BioTecNika is going to share 10 points that you must follow to have a bright research career.

You cannot limit your growth potential just because you were

Born in a poor family Or Studied in a Non-English medium school Or You had a bad childhood Or No matter whatever the reason maybe

The actual problem is that, even before you start your research career, you start underestimating your potential by telling yourself these things such as I am born in a poor family, I dont have the right fundamentals to build my career, I studied in a C grade college, etc.

There are many students from different countries and different parts of the world and the only thing which drags their growth back is Underestimating their growth potential.

So here are 10 Pointers that will help you become a great researcher:

Number 1: Imagination

As a Research enthusiast, your superpower is Imagination

. When I was in my 1st year of bachelor’s, in my Biochemistry class I asked a question on which the entire class laughed and that was: why do we eat food, why can’t we just take an injection of ATP? While the teacher explained the answer to me very patiently, I somewhere knew I had imagined something which has never been done, discussed, or approached. Now, that’s the power of imagination. As a Human, whatever you imagine, you can achieve too! But the problem is first to start imagining – Solutions to problems around you.

Number 2: Self-belief

99 out of 100 people you will meet in your life, will always doubt themselves and they will also have doubts about you and your work. So why pay attention to those who can’t even believe in themselves. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who do not doubt you, instead, they trust you, your methodology, and your approach towards problem-solving. Now Believing in yourself is not a 1-day of work, it’s a continuous process, you got to trust yourself and have faith in your work every day.

Number 3: Habit Management

Habits are atomic in Nature. They are so small that you will never ever notice them, but they are so strong that they can define your entire life. Let me give you an example – Brushing your teeth is a habit, you never think about it. Still, if you do not perform this habit in the right way, I can bet you will be in a lot of pain by the time you turn 40. There are a lot of great books written on Habits and I will recommend you to go on Amazon and buy a good book on Habits.

There is 1 book that I can recommend named – “Atomic Habits by James Clear”. It’s an amazing book that every budding researcher must-read.

Number 4: Associating with the right set of people

You are just a reflection of the 4 people whom you come in contact with every day. So you need to associate yourself with great Books, great people, and create an atmosphere of innovation around you with the help of these elements. Your environment can make you or break you so choose those 4 people wisely.

Number 5: Reading BioGraphies of Great Scientists

What if I told you that Albert Einstein was as an average student like you, what if I told you that Marie Curie was as committed to her work as you, yet she faced hurdles because she was a woman in a male-dominated scientific society? Will you believe me? Well, maybe not. If you surround yourself with the actual biographies of these great scientists, you will know that they also faced the same challenges the way you face them today. Nothing was different, but they did not give up. They stood up to the challenges and won them. So reading Biographies of Great Scientists is a must.

Number 6: Taking Up challenges

Becoming a scientist means you have to travel the path never traveled before and that obviously means you are going to take up challenges that nobody has ever imagined or faced. But you have to be ready for those challenges. You need to understand that this is a part of your job. Being a scientist is an exciting Job, but you need to be ready to take up challenges. If you are looking for a comfortable Life then this profession is not the right fit for you!

Number 7: Always Ready to learn

The Biggest problem Biologists of today face is Saturation. By the time they finish their Bachelors or Masters, they start feeling saturated. This is one of the biggest limiting factors you have today. We all want to jump from the Education Treadmill to the Jobs Treadmill as soon as possible. What we fail to understand is Learning is a continuous process – you have to learn in your class, you have to learn while on the job, you need to pursue as many internships, certifications as possible and you must be ready to learn more and more. Take breaks & take vacations in between, But never ever quit learning.

Number 8: Inter-Disciplinary Approach towards your Research

Under this heading, let me give you an example of Car Manufacturing. When a company Manufactures cars, It buys Steel from a steel manufacturer, Wheels from a wheels Manufacturer, and various other parts from various other manufacturers. But it’s the power of combination which makes a car great or not so great.

Similarly, when you do research you need to combine knowledge of two or more different domains. And that is why I always insist on combining the approach from various other domains of scientific knowledge. For example, you are a Biologist, you must know chemistry & Physics as well, If you are working on drug discovery, you must know artificial intelligence too. If You are a Bioinformatician, you must know biochemical processes too. The world has never achieved anything without the power of combination. In fact, you are also a product of the power of Combination too.

Number 9: Never Ever Quit

Quitters never win, Winners never quit.

Now you see temporary defeats are everywhere, You will face hurdles, you will face funding issues, you will face difficulties at every step of your research career, but quitting must never be in your dictionary. This is the single most important formula for success.

One of the reasons Biotecnika is so successful today is because we never gave up on helping young researchers like you, yes we had our own set of temporary failures and defeats but quitting must never be in anyone’s dictionary. One of the easiest ways of not quitting is defining your Mission and Vision.

What is the mission of your life and what is the vision of your life? Once you have defined those, you will never ever look back.

Let me give you an example – At Biotecnika, Some months we get more Students for our courses, but some months we get fewer students for our courses. But since our Mission & Vision is to help students, we just keep doing that. If we are good at what we do, Results will automatically become positive even though we are having a temporary defeat right now.

Number 10: Rejections Handling

If you cannot accept temporary failures, if you cannot handle temporary rejections, you can never win.

Who does not get rejected?

whether it’s Bill Gates, Bill Gross, Jeff Bezos, Lincoln, Einstein, Newton, or you! Everyone gets rejected. Aristotle and Socrates also got rejected.

Rejection is the 1st proof that you are on the right path, right track! And you need to handle this responsibly, you need to understand that no one is perfect and neither are you. Rejection is just proof that you need to learn from it and improvise, innovate more, engineer your approach towards problem-solving – better, and then only you can become the best researcher of this world.

Research is an engineering problem and not a Biology problem, Field you have opted for is of course Biology or chemistry or Physics, but the Approach & method you adopt must be engineering, You have to engineer your day then only you can become the architect of tomorrow’s scientific innovation.

Remember you are here to revolutionize Biological research, So don’t become a part of the system, design your own system of growth and never ever limit your Potential as a researcher. Don’t become a victim of circumstances, take control of your day, your career, your research, and your life. No one can stop you from becoming the next Nobel prize Winner.

All The Best!

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika


  1. Indeed I have learned so much things from Biotecnika years of experience from you guys. Shekhar Suman sir you are an inspiration for young biotech people in India. Keep doing great work and we can make the world a better place together. Thank you
    Balaram Mishra

  2. “Rejection is the 1st proof that you are on the right path, right track” ;this is what made me strong. Thank you sir for your inspiration at the right time.

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