PM Modi COVID Vaccine-Review
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PM Modi COVID Vaccine-Review

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech this weekend. With reports of the coronavirus pandemic continuing to spread throughout India, the country’s pharmaceuticals are working twice as hard on developing an effective vaccine.

Serum Institute, which is based in Pune, is collaborating with global pharma company Astra Zeneca and Oxford University to produce a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Saurabh Rao, the Divisional Commissioner of Pune, said that the PM’s visit to the Serum Institute of India was confirmed. Still, they were yet to be intimated with a detailed schedule of the visit. A Pune official confirmed that PM Narendra Modi is to assess the vaccine’s status, including the institute’s facilities to launch, produce, and distribute the vaccine.

PM To Visit Bharat Biotech in Hyderabad

Meanwhile, Bharat Biotech is a Hyderabad based pharma company which is looking to proceed with Phase III trials of its and India’s very first COVID-19 vaccine candidate, Covaxin. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is anticipated to visit the company on the same day, i.e., Saturday. Timings of the PM Modi COVID Vaccine-Review visit were confirmed by VC Sajjanar, Cyberabad’s police commissioner. The PM is expected to be in the city from 3:40 pm-5:40 pm, with the company visit between 4-5 pm.

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Despite reports of BJP’s keenness on the PM Narendra Modi making use of the visit to advocate for Hyderabad municipal elections, sources confirm that the weekend’s visit is purely for the sake of overseeing the vaccine facilities. There will be no campaign or political activity.

Immediate plans of the Serum Institute 

Gennova Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Serum Institute of India are expected to receive a visit from ambassadors and agents from 100 nations in the following week.

The vaccine developed by Astra Zeneca reportedly has 90% effectiveness. Following this report, the Serum Institute of India, which PM Narendra Modi is to visit, stated its intentions to provide by January, at least a hundred million dosages of Covishield. These plans include making hundreds of millions of dosages available by February end.

The vaccine developed b the Oxford-AstraZeneca collaboration was claimed to be 90% effective. This resulted from a half dose and a full dose, given with an interval of one month. Administration of 2 full dosages of the vaccine gave 62% effectiveness. There are, however, speculations about the actual effectiveness after it was revealed that the vaccine displayed higher levels of the same when administered to younger individuals. The half dosage was injected as a result of a quantitative error in the injection vials. Therefore, it is likely that the Serum Institute of India will conduct more tests before launching the COVID-19 vaccine.

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