Innovate2BeatCOVID Grand Challenge
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Innovate2BeatCOVID Grand Challenge: Innovative Ventilators Developed

Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) conducted the nationwide #Innovate2BeatCOVID Grand Challenge. The challenge awards the winners with Rs 85 lakhs in grants and three innovative ‘Ventilators and other respiratory Solutions’ have won the challenge.

In a news release, the Chairman of Marico Ltd and Founder of Marico Innovation Foundation, Harsh Mariwala said that just at a fraction of the cost of international counterparts, they bring forward unique solutions required for the whole of current ventilator requirements through this challenge. These Made in India devices are affordable, accessible, disruptive, have global applications, and are built with best in class technology and features.

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To ensure that the selected pioneers reach the right pockets of India, MIF plans to provide them advice on company procedures, mentorship, access to business opportunities and aims to improve their initiatives.

The winners are as follows:

Shreeyash Electro Medicals

According to the news release, Shreeyash Electro Medicals has designed an indigenous ventilator with advanced features, which is considered appropriate for both adult and pediatric ICUs around the world. The ventilator ensures continued safe ventilation of an unattended patient as it can be set to an “automatic ventilation” mode and can be used in non-invasive as well as invasive mode. A NABL-accredited laboratory is now testing the essential performance of the device and its safety as per standard IEC 60601-1. In order to fight against the pandemic, this device is available to hospitals at 20% of the existing market prices.

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Ventilator by Shreeyash Electro Medicals. Credits: Marico Innovation Foundation

KPIT Technologies

A completely automatic air compression system that considerably minimizes expenses contrasted to traditional critical care ventilators has been created by KPIT Technologies using an ergonomically designed mechanism that focuses on user-friendliness. For various setups including home-care, ambulances, remote medical facilities, KPIT’s 13 kg, lightweight-yet-mechanically sturdy ventilator device is compatible and is also portable. A NABL-accredited laboratory is now testing the essential performance of the device and its safety as per standard IEC 60601-1. The price of the device will be 30% of the similar devices available in the market in order to make it an affordable device.

Ventilator by KPIT. Credits: Marico Innovation Foundation

Nocca Robotics

Nocca Robotics has designed an ICU ventilator that can be used for invasive needs and is particularly adapted for remote and rural situations. The need for any compressed medical air to the operator is eliminated in this turbine-based ventilator. The device is claimed to run for long hours in case of a power cut-off with the help of its in-built battery. A NABL-accredited laboratory has tested the essential performance of the device and its safety as per standard IEC 60601-1.

Ventilator by Nocca Robotics. Credits: Marico Innovation Foundation

The Chairman of Bain Capital India Office and the Vice-chairperson of Marico Innovation Foundation, Amit Chandra said, “Seeing Indian entrepreneurs providing solutions for addressing important healthcare needs is our hope with these great innovations.”

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Innovate2BeatCOVID Grand Challenge: Innovative Ventilators Developed