COVID-19 Self Check Kiosk
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Self-check Kiosk To Detect And Prevent COVID-19 

As steadily the public lockdown measures as easing down and people are returning to normal life, the demand of the hour is to make sure premises are safe to go.

A first-of-its-kind self-check kiosk has been developed by IIT Guwahati in cooperation with Workspace Metal Solutions Private Limited, Udaipur. The little booth or kiosk aids by streamlining the flow of individuals through it. Only around 30 seconds is taken by the kiosk to inspect whether the person is safe to enter the place or not. It is rapid and accurate as well as a contactless check. This kiosk can identify if a person is having fever, low blood oxygen levels, and, therefore, possibly has COVID-19 or microbial or any other diseases.

The kiosk is a completely automated self-check booth and developed according to the guidelines from WHO. It immediately detects as well as records the syndromes related to COVID-19 like fever and blood oxygen content and in case if the values are beyond the limit, the system indicates it using an alarm. A first of its kind UV-C disinfectant box efficient in killing viruses/bacteria present on the surfaces of the belonging like bags

, keys, mobiles, etc, which will certainly minimize the spread of the virus is present on the newly developed kiosk.

COVID-19 Self Check Kiosk
COVID-19 Self Check Kiosk. Image Credits:

The steps involved while a person enters the kiosk:

  1. The individual has to stand on the footmarks marked in front of the booth after removing the face mask and to measure the body temperature, the face has to be straightened in the grid displayed on the screen.
  2. As soon as the temperature is determined, for keeping the personal belongings inside, the person will have to wave its hand over the sensor of the UV-C chamber to open its door.
  3. On the whole exposed surface, the UV-C box will certainly perform 360 ⁰ disinfection.
    To examine the oxygen saturation in the body (Oxygen over 95% is a sign of a healthy human body), the person will need to place their index finger on the SpO₂ sensing unit.
  4. Then, the person can sanitize the hands by placing them below the automated sanitizer dispensing unit.
  5. The individual can take their items from the UV-C chamber and can go outside.

The IIT Guwahati campus has already installed a self-check kiosk, which is IoT enabled and its data analysis system is capable of face identification and creating employee/person health historic information, said Dr. Senthilmurugan Subbiah, Associate Professor, Dept of chemical engineering, IIT Guwahati. An individual’s health can be monitored by Kiosk’s AI-based software system using the historical data and alarm is generated and to health department authorities of their company/organization/institute in case of abnormal temperature and SpO2 level measured. The innovative UVC system design provides a disinfection of 99.99 % of viruses/ bacteria within 10 secs by emitting UVC radiation from 6 surfaces of the UVC box.

COVID-19 Self Check Kiosk
COVID-19 Self Check Kiosk at IIT Guwahati. Image Credits:

Puneet Talesara, IIT-Guwahati Alumni and Founder, Workspace Metal Solutions Private Limited, Udaipur said that the kiosk is a vital service for the rapid identification of diseases and minimizes the spread of infection, and this product is fully made in India.

The kiosk costs of a self-check vary from 3.5 – 7.5 lakhs based on the specification as well as characteristics. The kiosk has currently been commercialized, and the team has filed for a patent.

Dr. Senthilmurugan Subbiah and Mr. Puneet Talesara were the persons behind the development of the self-check kiosk.


Self-check Kiosk To Detect And Preventing COVID-19

Author: Sruthi S