Covaxin Enter Phase Two Trial
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Covaxin Enter Phase Two Trial – Safety And Quality Will Be Paramount

The phase-I clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Hyderabad-based pharma firm- Bharat Biotech has completed. Its chairman Krishna Ella said they cannot rush the procedure of vaccine development while claiming that the company would not succumb to pandemic pressure.

During an interaction with members of the Chennai International Centre on ‘Covid-19 Endgame Scenarios, Ella said there is tremendous pressure on the company to develop the vaccine. But Bharat Biotech is giving more importance to quality and safety. He said they don’t want to develop the wrong vaccine and kill more people.

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When asked about the launch date of the vaccine, Ella said they are being monitored by international communities and agencies, so they want to do the clinical research of the highest standard. Its a matter of prestige for both the country and the company. He assured that they would produce the best quality vaccine.

Bharat Biotech’s COVID-19 vaccine called COVAXIN has now entered the phase-II clinical trials after the 30 days long phase-I clinical trials. Ella said the Indian vaccine industry is no less than global giants like Sanofi or GSK based in Europe and the US. People had doubts about the capabilities of Indian companies. But with the development of the vaccine for diseases caused by rotavirus and polio, they were proved wrong.

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How fast the clinical trials can be completed for vaccines depend on the time frame. It took six months to complete the phase on trials of the vaccine for rotavirus. But it took only 30 days for the COVAXIN to complete its phase one trials and to enter the phase two trials.

Ella added that the COVID-19 pandemic is not only causing an increased number of deaths but is also destroying the economy. And that’s why every bureaucrat and politician is talking about it. He said road accidents cause more deaths than the pandemic, and people should not get paranoid about the pandemic.