Biotech Poster Presentation – Winners Announced

The Biotech Online poster presentation organized jointly by Ktech, Able & Biotecnika was concluded on 28th September 2020 with a grand online Award Presentation ceremony.

We had received more than 1000+ Posters under 10 different categories from students, research scholars, and Bio Professionals across the country. Our honorable jury members selected the participants with the best posters and even the public was given an opportunity to vote for the most popular poster category.

30 contestants were selected by the jury In the top 10 emerging areas Of Biotechnology, who got the opportunity to present their posters live on 25th Sep 2020 which was judged by eminent judges from different organizations & companies. This Mega Event was conducted successfully and witnessed enormous support and appreciation by engaging audiences, participants, and jury members.

This amazing journey reached its final stage on the 28th Sep 2020 where the best presentation, chosen based on experts’ opinions and popular votes by the audience were awarded.

In case you missed you can watch the live broadcast of the complete Prize Announcement & Distribution Ceremony of the Biotech Poster Presentation below:

Below is the list of Award Winners:

Table of Contents

1st Prize of the Biotech online Poster presentation was jointly shared by:

Ambrin Farizah Babu under Category Omics & Deepansh Mody Under Category Microbiome

– Title of Poster (Ambrin) – Metabolomics – based machine learning method for the discovery and characterization of biomarkers implicated in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

– Title of Poster (Deepansh) – Exploiting the gut microbiome’s trialogue with microRNAs and host gene expression to treat Covid-19 related cardiac hypertension 

A Cash Prize Of Rs 15,000 has been awarded to both the Winners

2nd Prize of the Biotech online Poster presentation was awarded to:

Varun Ullanat Under category Omics

Title of Poster: Transcriptomic Analysis of the Entorhinal Regions of Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Alzheimer’s Patients

A Cash Prize Of Rs 10,000 has been awarded to the winner.

Biotech Poster Presentation

3rd Prize of the Biotech online Poster presentation was awarded to:

Nelofar Karim under category Stem cell & Regenerative Medicine

Title of Poster – Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (h-iPSCs) – An Innovative Approach for the treatment of Alpha -1- Antitrypsin Deficiency

A Cash Prize Of Rs 10,000 has been awarded to the winner.

Biotech Poster Presentation

Winners of the Most Popular Poster Category are:

They will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 1000/- each + Certificate

  1. ASHA SASTYA – Synthetic Biology – SB17 – 55.13% (812 votes)
  2. Dr. Preeti Lakhani – Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine – SC34 – 17.43% (1206 votes)
  3. THOTA V L NARASIMHA RAO – Rare Disease Management – RD41 – 38.34% (2106 votes)
  4. Aishwarya Rajaram Hiray – Omics – OM36 – 36.44% (1913 votes)
  5. Ms. Farnaz Nabiya – Microbiome – M36 – 35.73% (1958 votes)
  6. SAKSHI GOEL – Medical Devices – MD12 – 31.75% (335 votes)
  7. Kamala Bharathi R – Marine Biotechnology – MB30 – 33.53% (1780 votes)
  8. SIVA DHARSHINI R – Bioengineering – BE34 – 50.14% (175 votes)
  9. Sushil Bhavesh.S – Anti Microbial Resistance – AM68 – 36.64% (410 votes)
  10. Shailly – Bio Agriculture – BA111 – 19.95% (487 votes)
Additionally, 6 participants were selected under the Internship Category, wherein they will get a virtual internship Opportunity with the prize sponsors, subject to interview by the prize sponsorer.

And the winners under the Internship category are:

  • Ankita Deo – Rare Disease Management Category
  • Kusuma Sai – Davuluri Microbiome Category
  • Ketaki Ghatole – Omics Category
  • Kartik Gehlot – Bio Agriculture Category
  • Khyati Sharma – Anti Microbial Resistance Category
  • Dr. Ligi Milesh – Rare Disease Management Category

We would like to thank all the participants who participated in this one of a kind virtual Biotech Poster Presentation event and showcased their talent in cutting edge research & technologies.

Special thanks to Ktech Govt of Karnataka, ABLE & All the Sponsors IISC, IBAB, Stempeutics, CosmosID, Sea6Enery, Skanray, Renalyx, Jive Life sciences for their constant support & guidance throughout the journey.

We are sure that our goal of creating awareness among researchers and students about these emerging areas of Biotechnology has been fulfilled to a great extent. We look forward to hosting more such innovative and exciting opportunities for all the talented minds out there.

The Live Poster Presentation Event Can be Viewed below: