How to Transition From A Student To An Industry Professional

How to Transition From A Student To An Industry Professional

How to transition from academia or as from a student, to industry professional.

All of us are always looking forward to getting a job, right? Yes, we are, you are, at one point, I was. I have taken so many interviews and so many students I’ve interacted with in my life, that I can tell you that most of us are always in a hurry to leave the academic life and start the job or the industry life.

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We feel when we are on the track in the transition phase, maybe after our bachelor’s or master’s, we feel that somewhere we have been victimized by our education system, and we want to get rid of it. So basically we are already on the education treadmill and we have been studying so much for past 15 or 16 years that we are in a hurry to just jump off that treadmill, without even realizing that the other treadmill on which I am going to jump on to can be equally competing can be equally challenging.

I want to tell you that, today you feel that you are a victim of the educational system – but tomorrow, once you have taken that job and started working, you will feel that you are a victim of the economy.

But I don’t want that to happen to you.

You should not become a victim of the education system or the economy.

Instead, you should be a champion of your field, not a victim, not a survivor, but a champion of your field.

You have to launch yourself into the industry with the same velocity the way a space shuttle launches itself into space. How can that happen unless you are empowered unless you are fueled with the energy and dynamics of a space shuttle? The reason I’m giving you an example of a space shuttle is that you should not be in a hurry to jump from one to the other. Instead, weaponize yourself with the knowledge.

If you think that I’ve been victimized enough with this education system and I should jump into the industry, that will be a big mistake.

First, check on yourself. Are you ready?

If you are not ready, go for some kind of training program, certification industry-oriented seminars, or you can attend BioTecNika’s webinars, but don’t just blindly jump from this treadmill to that treadmill.

Today you are away, you might think that you are a victim of the education system which you may not be later, but tomorrow definitely you can become a victim of the economy.

Then the whole of your life you will keep complaining that “I chose the wrong field. I am earning less.”

No, it’s not like that!

Let me give you an example of the ongoing pandemic. Coronavirus is spreading like fire, like the Australian fire, everywhere! All the governments of all the countries are taking preventive measures. Is there anyone who is trying to treat? The Pharma? Yes, they are trying to treat but as a researcher, you can be the most valuable person on earth if you find treatment to diseases like Coronavirus or for that matter, any x y z virus, which may come in the future. And you cannot do that unless you weaponize yourself with knowledge.

So my dear friend, yes, you must jump from the treadmill of education to the treadmill of the economy where you start earning, but please do not jump without preparation. Do not shoot yourself into space without the escape velocity, you’re going to fall!. So you have to have the right knowledge, you need to have the right training. They may not be in the books which you have studied in your university. The universities are not going to teach you what is going to happen next year. You have to weaponize yourself with certification online programs, for that matter, Biotecnika also has so many certification programs.

What goes wrong is you start jumping thinking “let me take this job and while I’m doing this job, I’ll do something which will fill the skill gap.”

But actually, once you get into a job, the job is so demanding, trust me, the job in a company or industry is so demanding that we rarely get time. And the moment we get the time we try to relax instead of trying to fill the skill gap. So this is the time while you are still a student, fill the skill gap, and that will solve all your problems.

Make yourself the most valuable researcher in this world. And then you see, the whole world will come and bow at you.

With that said, I’ll leave you with a lot of thought-provoking ideas to ponder upon. Get on and enroll yourself into a skill you would like to learn and make your profile more valuable, and automatically you will figure out how to transition from a student to an industry professional.

Author: Mr. Shekhar Suman, CEO & MD, Biotecika Info Labs Pvt Ltd & Rasayanika Biotechnologies India Pvt Ltd

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika


  1. Hi sir, I am doing Biotech right now I am in 3rd year and I really don’t know what should do next, like should I go or or or job. I also have a dream to start a startup in the biotech field but I am really confused and don’t know how to do and what to do. Please guide me.
    Thank you

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