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Hello BioTecNikan,

India is under complete LOCKDOWN but why your career should be on a Lockdown? Being a bioscience professional, have you analyzed what productive work you can do in the time you have in hand now, being at home?

Once all this over, Coronavirus fear will remain. The world now better understands the urgent need for more number of researchers. The bioscience field will not just flourish post-COVID-19 apocalypse but now there will be even more Career scope for you all. Are you ready for it?

The Future Belongs to the curious

The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.

After carefully analyzing the research & job market our experts have concluded that every student graduating should have Bioinformatics knowledge. Its a must for candidates who want to work in research organizations & MNCs.

To help you master these skills we have launched Exclusive Online Life Science Certification Courses you must enroll for:

  • Bioinformatics Tools Master Course + CRISPR Basics & Advanced Certification Course 
  • Bioinformatics Tools Master Course + Molecular Modeling + Molecular Docking Certification Course

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How Certification Courses Can Help You?

Performing experiments based on the manual and sticking to the prescribed syllabus will no longer help make your resume stand out! Your potential employer is always on a lookout for candidates who are skilled, Industry ready and who is always eager to learn and acquire knowledge.

After understanding the need of every Bio-professional, Biotecnika has designed and launched highly focused,  job oriented courses to make every Bioscience graduate land his/her dream job. Not only will it help you get the job but also excel in your existing field. 

The engrossing topics, elaborate lessons, and certification at affordable prices are just a few reasons why thousands of candidates like you have already enrolled with Biotecnika Life Science Certification courses.

Now we bring you the course which was most requested by our loyal subscribers


Do you still want to be left behind?

By taking up the carefully curated certification course you can now be future-ready. Then why wait any longer? It’s up to you how you shape your future. Stay updated with the latest trends in the industry with the Biotecnika Certification courses.

Apply for Online Certification Course

Netflixing is ok, But why not use this time to get job-ready also?

Some of the Life Science certification course your peers are interested in:

  • Vaccine Design & Development Certification Course
  • Synthetic Biology Certification Course
  • Clinical Data Management Certification Program
  • Medical Coding Basics Online Training Program


These Courses are a revolution in itself and we invite you to be a part of this revolution. Do not just sit at home worrying. Take this adversity as an opportunity to learn and become a successful researcher. 

Utilize this free time to Learn, Unlearn and Adapt

The thirst to learn and quest to excel is something that will take you to great heights.

Your Success is Our Achievement
Your Research is our Responsibility

Shekhar Suman is the Co-founder of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt. Ltd. He is an Entrepreneur, Writer, Public Speaker, and a Motivational Coach. In his career, he has mentored more than 100,000+ students toward success in the Biopharma Industry. He heads the BioTecNika Group, which comprises,, and An avid reader and listener who is passionate about BioSciences. Today Biotecnika is India's largest Biotech Career portal, with over 5 Million subscribers from academia & Industry. It's ranked among the top 50 websites worldwide in the Biology category.


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