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Science & SciLifeLab Prize For Young Scientists 2020 – USD 30,000

Science & SciLifeLab Prize For Young Scientists 2020 – USD 30,000. Interested candidates who want to apply for the same, can check out all of the details on the overview, categories, how to apply and more on this are detailed below:

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Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists

The Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists is a global prize, established in 2013, aimed at rewarding scientists at an early stage of their careers. Science/AAAS and SciLifeLab, a coordinated effort of four universities, have joined forces in creating the Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists to recognize excellence amongst young researchers from around the world. The Prize was created to recognize that global economic health is dependent upon a vibrant research community and we need to encourage our best and brightest to continue in their chosen fields of research. Considering the difficult economic environment,  it is important to provide extra encouragement to young scientists as they begin their scientific careers.

The international Prize is awarded annually to four young scientists for outstanding life science research

for which he/she earned a doctoral degree in the previous two years. Each year, a Grand Prize winner is selected from the applicants to receive 30,000 USD in prize money. The three other category winners are awarded 10,000 USD each for their accomplishments. Science/AAAS and SciLifeLab look forward to reviewing the research findings from future entrants.

The grand prize winning essay will be published in Science and essays from the three category winners will be published online.

In addition, all four winners of the Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists will be invited to Sweden in December to take part in in a unique week of events in honor of science – with the opportunity to meet with leading researchers in their field. The annual award ceremony and banquet is held in the Grand Hôtel Hall of Mirrors in Stockholm – the original venue of the Nobel prize banquet.

The 2020 categories are:

Cell and Molecular Biology

Research in this category includes cellular and molecular processes at levels ranging from single molecule to single cell to tissue and organ systems.

Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology Approaches

Research in this category focuses on genomics, proteomics, integrative omics and systems biology approaches, inlcuding computational, to facilitate comprehensive understanding of living cells, organisms and species.

Ecology and Environment

Research in this category encompasses interactions between organisms and their environment, and how these processes are influenced by human activity.

Molecular Medicine

Research in this category aims at building on the molecular understanding of disease in humans to develop preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, including individualized medicine.

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Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists

Applicants are to submit a 1000-word essay that is judged by an independent editorial team organized by the journal Science. Essays are judged on the quality of research and the applicants’ ability to articulate how their work would contribute to the scientific field. This year’s application period is  March 1 – July 15, 2020.

Who: Life science researchers who have received a PhD within last 2 years

The categories are:

  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology Approaches
  • Ecology and​ Environment
  • Molecular Medicine

For more information about the rules of eligibility, entry procedures and selection of winners head to the Science website.

Important dates:

July 15, 2020

Application deadline for the Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists 2020. Entrants for the 2020 prize must have been awarded their Ph.D. between January 1 2018 and December 31 2019.


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