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How Certification Courses By Biotecnika Benefit In your Career?

Biotecnika is a renowned organization led by a group of biotechnologists, efforting to minimize the extant gap between industry and the personnel associated with bio-science. Being a pioneer in the bioscience education industry, Biotecnika provides varied services to the Bio-science sector, out of which one is – career-oriented certification courses to train life science students in the most demanding skill sets that would get them hired in their desired job. Our team of experts, who are exceptional talents from Academia as well as Industry, ensure that every update from the life science domain reaches our audiences.

Most of the biotech graduates and postgraduates who have completed their B.Tech, B.Sc, M.Tech, or M.Sc often lose their track of career and are lost midway, not knowing how to proceed ahead in their career. They are often confused about whether they should look for a job or go for higher studies.

Biotecnika provides career advice and the right set of skills at every step.

What are the certification courses by the way?

Certification courses are designed to train students and professionals over a narrow subject area or topic relevant to their desired career.

Finding the right career path is challenging in one’s life after graduation. You want to make sure you are making the right decisions concerning your future. The trends and career opportunities in life science are continually changing, and this requires you to update your skills and knowledge along with the fast-evolving world.

Among the thousands of life science students who are graduated every year, these skill sets make you stand out in the crowd.

The study of current and emerging trends in the market helps you to choose the right skill that you need to acquire. Numerous certifications can be pursued after graduation in life science to boost one’s career scope. Many short terms, as well as long term self-learning courses, are available online at Biotecnika. With the right educational qualification and skill set, students can get jobs in India as well as abroad.

Job-Oriented Certification Courses by Biotecnika

Certification courses provided by biotecnika grooms you for a career in the booming fields. Be its next-gen sequencing or CRISPR or medical writing; we offer certification courses in all the trending fields that you wish for.

Biotecnika’s self-learning certification courses give you the luxury of studying your desired course at any time and at your own pace. Students are given unlimited access to the course until the student wishes to complete the course. As you complete the course and clear the evaluation test, you get a hard copy certificate.

If you are a fresh graduate and want to become a researcher or an assistant professor, you can opt for CSIR-NET and GATE coaching courses while the certification courses in the latest techniques like Virology, CRISPR, Next-gen sequencing will make you suitable for both industry jobs.

Benefits of certification courses by Biotecnika

If you are a prospective researcher, a freshly graduated student, or an experienced biologist, the certification courses offer you an opportunity to match the pace and refresh with the most recent data in the individual fields.

The certification courses give you a deep insight and expertise of various techniques to make you best suitable for career opportunities. Students can pick the courses according to their interests, prerequisites, and the career they want to pursue.

1. They boost your skills

Certification courses enhance your skills in the field of interest. It gives you the essential skill sets required in the job market, which you lack after your graduation. These are the skills that are in demand in the market and are often not taught as a part of your graduation postgraduate course curriculum. Certifications make a huge change in your resume that would impress the recruiter.

2. They help you learn more in a short period

Compared to the other courses like post-graduation or higher education, certification courses take less time to complete, most of the courses taking only a few months. So for those who don’t want to invest years in learning a particular field, these short term certification courses help them achieve their career goals faster.

3. They enhance your chances of career growth

If you are a working professional and you want a fast growth in your career rather than waiting years for experience, certification courses give you the skills and knowledge to grow faster in your particular field. Their experience in the field, along with the right certifications, boosts their career growth faster than the professionals without the certifications.

4. They update you with the latest knowledge

The life science field is growing fast, and every day a new technique is discovered by scientists all over the world. It keeps on evolving, and the graduates must refresh their knowledge and expertise constantly. Certification courses update you with the latest data available in your field and prepare you to keep up the pace.

5. They are highly pocket-friendly

Biotecnika Certification courses are available at affordable prices for those who are not ready to pay a huge price for long term courses. They are available in different price ranges, and you can choose the right course for the price that is best for you.

6. They make your transition into a professional easier

When you are doing three-year graduation, you are taught about all the aspects in brief and do not focus on a particular topic. Certified courses make you a professional in a particular field and give you practical knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge.

7. They help you CV stand out of the crowd – Easy to get hired

Having a certification will definitely give you an advantage while hiring managers are looking at your resume. Competitions for a life science job can be stiff as many are graduating in life science every year, and having a certification is a significant advantage compared to those who do not have one. Certifications courses from Biotecnika will benefit life science graduates in highlighting their resume.

8. They help in Job Retention

In a volatile economic environment, companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs. And there is always uncertainty in jobs. This is when having a certification can make you different from others by establishing you as a continuous learner. Employers are looking for candidates who never want to stop learning. People around you will respect and admire your enthusiasm to keep learning.

9. Helps you earn more money

Often, earning a certification can immediately lead to an increase in compensation of 20% and more. The more you have the skills, the more you earn.

10. Helps in upgrading your career

If you are thinking about upgrading your career, if you left Biotech & went into IT & want to make a come back in the industry, a certification will help you do that. For example, if you lack the experience required for a particular role, you can make up for this by earning a certification. Certifications assist you to switch careers and receive a higher compensation right out of the gate.

Many times we see that fresh graduates lack theoretical knowledge about many relevant and latest technologies. But before entering into practical experience, it’s highly important they understand the technique behind what they are doing and its applications.

Be it an interview for a research position in academia or one at an industry, most of the time, interviewers ask questions on the latest technologies, and they look for your expertise on the same.

Certification courses give credible proof that you have all the expertise required by the job and show your commitments towards a particular job. The job aspirants with certification are more likely to get hired compared to others. In the case of already working professionals, the certifications help to take a smarter approach to your profession and grow faster. They provide a quick way to climb up the career ladder, which otherwise takes years to gain the experience and prove the skills.

List of some trending Certification Courses Offered By Biotecnika

& Much More

Certifications are a worthwhile investment due to these many benefits they can provide you throughout your career. Be a fresh graduate or experienced professional; make sure you refresh your knowledge with certifications so you can climb up the stairs of the career you wished for.

Certification courses by Biotecnika will definitely benefit you in your career by adding value to your resume.

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