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Top 5 Certification Courses in Life Science and Biotech

Are you a biotech or life science graduate confused about how to get into the career you are passionate about? Or are you a job aspirant who feels inferior about your skills?

Biotecnika helps you to get the right set of skills. Biotecnika has carefully designed the perfect certification courses to get you trained in the most demanding skill sets that will help you to get your desired job and climb up the stairs of your career. They give you a deep insight and expertise of various techniques to make you best suitable for career opportunities. Certification courses boost your chances of getting hired. You can pick the right course for you from the 15 certification courses available at Biotecnika stores.

Let’s look at Biotecnika’s top 5 certification courses for Biotech and Life Science students.

1. Crispr Basic Certification Course

CRISPR is the headline in the scientific community since 2013. The discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 tool for genome editing marked the beginning of a new era in molecular biology. Experts believe that this cutting edge gene-editing tool has the potential to transform our planet. That is why this course is placed first among the top certification courses in life science and biotech. Compared to the conventional gene-editing techniques, CRISPR is reliable, efficient and precise in targeted editing of live cell genome. CRISPR has powerful potential applications like correcting disease-causing genetic errors, eliminating deadly pathogens like HIV, the recreation of extinct species and produce better, healthier food.

Discounted Price: Rs 699/-

Eligibility: Students in their B.Sc / B.Tech / M.Sc / M.Tech who aspire to work on cutting-edge research technologies.

Career Prospects

CRISPR has revolutionized Indian research also. Currently, there are many research institutes, laboratories, and biopharma companies in India dedicated to CRISPR related studies to improve health, agriculture and Food technology. You can find the list of top research institutes and biopharma companies in India who are into CRISPR research here. There are many job opportunities available related to CRISPR research in both research institutes and biopharma companies. You could become a junior research fellow, a research scientist or a Ph.D. student at these laboratories both in India and abroad. The annual package ranges from .32 million to 2.7 million based on the qualifications.

Why take CRISPR basic certification course?

The CRISPR basic certification course is your first step towards pursuing a career in the booming field of CRISPR research. The course helps you understand what is CRISPR, its applications, limitations, controversies, future and career opportunities in CRISPR technologies. The 7-day course conducted by Biotecnika experts will update you with the latest information about CRISPR and the Course Participation Certificate you attain at the end of the course will boost the chances of you getting hired in the job. Having a certificate in the most promising technique will indeed make you a better candidate for the job.

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2. Artificial intelligence in Biology Certification Course

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with the simulation of human intelligence by machines. It would be easy to find what part of our modern world artificial intelligence hasn’t touched rather than counting its applications in our life. Some of the most common examples of artificial intelligence (AI) are chess-playing computers, self-driving cars, deep learning, and natural language processing. AI is becoming widespread in Biology also. Nowadays, AI is being used in drug discovery, healthcare, genomics, proteomics, synthetic biology, and phylogeny, etc. AI is already here at its future of the world.

Discounted Price: Rs 699/-

Eligibility: Students in their B.Sc, B.Tech, M.Sc, M.Tech, M.Phil, Ph.D.;
Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Scientist, Research Student, Entrepreneurs & Biotech Enthusiasts.

Career Prospects

A vast amount of career opportunities are available in artificial intelligence today. The expertise in artificial intelligence will make you eligible for high paying jobs like machine-learning engineers, data scientists, research scientists, research engineers, etc. There is a great need for artificial intelligence experts in healthcare, computational biology, and synthetic biology also.

Why take Artificial Intelligence in Biology Certification course?

Students in their B.SC, B.tech, M.sc, M.tech, M.Phil, and Ph.D. and working professionals are eligible for this course. This Certification course will familiarize you with the applications of AI in Biotech & healthcare companies. This will prepare you for the near future where AI would be a part of all fields and companies. You would understand how new companies are being established combining biology and artificial intelligence and how it is revolutionizing healthcare.

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3. Next-Gen Sequencing Certification Course

Next-generation sequencing(NGS) is a powerful platform that has enabled the sequencing of millions of DNA molecules simultaneously. This breakthrough innovation is finding its applications in personalized medicine, genetic diseases, and clinical diagnostics with its high capability to sequence multiple individuals at the same time. NGS enables the researchers to rapidly sequence whole genomes, deeply sequence target genes, sequence RNA, analyze epigenetic factors like DNA-methylation, sequence cancer samples, etc.

Discounted Price: Rs 999/-

Eligibility: B.Sc, B.Tech, M.Sc, M.Tech, M.Phil, Ph.D. Candidates – Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Scientist, Research Students also apply

Career Prospects

Being one of the most used techniques in research laboratories, NGS brings a lot of career opportunities in Personalized medicine, Preventive medicine, Gene Therapy, and Drug Development. Some of the job opportunities are Associate Scientist, Field Applications Scientist, Sr Scientific Researcher, Scientist II, Microarray and NGS Curator and Program Manager. There are numerous openings for skilled candidates in R&D, Corporate, and Commercial sections of highly reputed institutes and industries. If you are a person interested in research, you could also join for Ph.D. in NGS. Get the list top companies and institutes carrying out NGS research here.

Why take Next-gen sequencing certification?

If you are a student, teacher or prospective researcher, you could make use of this certification course to learn Next-Gen sequencing, understand research prospects and be informed about the current career opportunities in this field. The participation certificate in NGS will highlight your resume and enhance your chances of getting hired.

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4. Clinical Data Management Certification Courses

Clinical data management(CDM) plays a critical role in the data collection stage of clinical research. A huge amount of data is generated during clinical trials called clinical data. This clinical data has to be collected and managed strictly following the regulatory standards to ensure that the data is completely error-free. The clinical data collected is analyzed for efficacy and safety. This analysis becomes the basis of approval for product development in the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical data management involves data design, collection, entry, validation, cleanup, analysis, reporting, and presentation. The objective of clinical data management is to produce high-quality data that comply with clinical trial protocols and specifications and are accurate and suitable for statistical analysis. This is a very important Certification Courses in biotech.

Discounted Price: Rs 999/-

Eligibility: Students pursuing their B.Sc / B.Tech / M.Sc / M.Tech / PhD who aspire to work in the clinical research field.

Career Prospects

A four-year bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification required to become a clinical data manager. Clinical data management is an important department in all pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. CRO’s & Pharma Companies, IT Organizations, Biotech MNC’s and various Government led Departments have very promising jobs in CDM. Some of the jobs include Clinical Data Manager, Clinical data coordinator, Bio-statistician and Clinical data reviewer. The annual package of clinical data managers ranges from 290k to 960k.

Why take Clinical data management certification?

A career in Clinical data management requires knowledge in both healthcare and computer science. That is why you need to undergo training programs like the Biotecnika Clinical data management certification course to acquire knowledge in computer technology, record management, and healthcare information systems. Most of the recruiters prefer to hire candidates with prior knowledge and certificates in CDM. The clinical data management certification course with Oracle Clinical Software can increase your chances of getting hired as a clinical data manager after your graduation.

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5. Certification Course On Molecular Biology Techniques 

Molecular biology deals with the mechanisms of gene transcription to generate the mRNA, translation of mRNA to proteins, and the role of these proteins in cellular functions. Some of the commonly used techniques to study molecular biology are polymerase chain reaction(PCR), Expression cloning, Gel electrophoresis, and macromolecule blotting. The molecular biology techniques play a crucial role in research as no biology research laboratory can function without employing at least one of these techniques.

Discounted Price: Rs 1499/-

Eligibility: All Life Science graduates, postgraduates, teaching and industry professionals along with research enthusiasts can apply. A basic level of knowledge about various concepts involved in life science is required.

Career Prospects

One could easily find molecular biology jobs in government research labs as well as the R&D section of different pharmaceutical companies. They could work on different medical development fields like drug development and stem cell research. They mainly design and perform experiments on cells and molecules in the laboratory to get insights about cellular functions and mechanisms. They get satisfactory payment in both government and private firms. The average monthly salary varies between 15k and 30k. Candidates could also find Ph.D. positions and teaching positions that would offer more salary.

Why Take Molecular biology techniques certification?

To be efficient in wet-lab experiments in the laboratory, strong theoretical knowledge about the techniques is necessary. The most common questions from the recruiters are about the techniques. Various institutes in India provide hands-on experience in molecular biology techniques. But before the hands-on experience, it is important to understand the basic concepts and applications of these techniques. Thats why Biotecnika has brought you this course to enhance your knowledge in molecular biology. This certification courses in life science will familiarize the students with various techniques commonly employed in research areas like immunology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, plant and animal biotechnology.

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Certifications are a worthwhile investment and these are the top 5 certification courses in life science & Certification Courses in biotech based on its relevance and scope in the current world. Be a fresh graduate or experienced professional, make sure you refresh your knowledge with certifications so you can climb up the stairs of the career you wished for.

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