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Latest Certification Course on Bioinformatics Methods & Tools

Biotecnika Launches Master course in  Bioinformatics Methods & Tools – Bioinformatics Online Certification Course

It gives us immense pleasure and happiness to inform you all that on popular demand we have finally launched the Master course in  Bioinformatics Methods & Tools. And to make sure that everyone at BioTecNika can access it, we have kept the course fees the lowest in the industry, however, this fee is only for the first 50 registrants. After that, the regular fees will be applicable.

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Why we designed this Course?

Performing experiments based on the manual and sticking to the prescribed syllabus will no longer help make your resume stand out! Your potential employer is always on a lookout for candidates who are skilled, Industry ready and who is always eager to learn and acquire knowledge.

After understanding the

need of every Bio-professional, Biotecnika has designed and launched highly focused,  job oriented courses to make every Bioscience graduate land his/her dream job. Not only will it help you get the job but also excel in your existing field.

The engrossing topics, elaborate lessons, and certification at affordable prices are just a few reasons why thousands of candidates like you have already enrolled with Biotecnika Certification courses.

Now we bring you the course which was most requested by our loyal subscribers

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Why You should take-up the Bioinformatics Online Certification course?

Bioinformatics is one field of biosciences that has an impact in the lab as well as fields like agriculture, biotechnology, human health, the environment, energy to advance medical analysis and development.  It is getting used currently in the areas of molecular drugs to assist manufacture higher and a lot of customized medicines to prevent or cure diseases. All the research work happening in top institutes and companies demand expertise in Bioinformatics.

Job opportunities for Bioinformatician

An expert in this discipline can expect highly remunerative career options. The boom in molecular biology research had led to an increase in Job prospects after studying Bioinformatics.

There are various opportunities for you.

You can land a job as a Bioinformatics Software Developer, Research Scientist / Associate, Network Administrator / Analyst, Computational Biologist, Database Programmer, Pharmacogenomics and more. Companies like Wipro, Reliance, IBM Life Sciences, Ranbaxy, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Strand Life Sciences are always on a lookout for young, skilled professionals.

Do you still want to be left behind?

By taking up the carefully curated certification course on bioinformatics methods & tools, you can now be future-ready. Then why wait any longer? It’s up to you how you shape your future. Stay updated with the latest trends in the industry with the Biotecnika Certification courses.

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What your fellow peers are interested in?

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These Courses are a revolution in itself and we invite you to be a part of this revolution. We take the Success of our members very seriously and thus we will be launching even more courses in the future.

The thirst to learn and quest to excel is something that will take you to great heights

Your Success is Our Achievement
Your Research is our Responsibility

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