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BioTecNika’s Add on Courses

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BioTecNika’s Add on Courses are here. Many individuals lose out on employment opportunities since their resumes do not stand out amongst the crowd. We at Biotecnika observed that The best way to get noticed by scientists and employers is to exhibit your skills and knowledge depth in your resume. However, sometimes it is difficult for freshers to get shortlisted for the jobs they want, we have seen that most of the times employers look for the practical knowledge of the respective topics so here we are with our add on certified projects, conferences, debates, and workshops attended after basic university education.  This will help the Bio- students/professionals to enhance their practical knowledge & also to grab the Job quickly and makes the process easier.

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We are coming up with a wide variety of BioTecNika’s Add on Courses and certification courses as an answer to all your queries. These courses are based on the upcoming fields and technologies that are used in research.

Following is the list of the Certification courses starting from 24th April 2019 :

First and the most important BioTecNika’s Add on Courses is a workshop: Research Methodology scheduled on 24th April

The second BioTecNika’s Add on Courses will be the “ Molecular Docking” which is starting from 3rd of  May

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The third BioTecNika’s Add on Courses/workshop is “Molecular Modelling” starting from 18th of June

Fourth BioTecNika’s Add on Courses certification workshop is Drug Discovery and this will be starting from 22nd July

The fifth most important workshop is on: “Artificial Intelligence” organized on 19th August

The sixth BioTecNika’s Add on Courses/workshop is “Next Generation Sequencing” starting from  16th September

The seventh workshop will be on “Biomarkers Discovery workshop” which will be starting from 21st October

The last workshop will be the “Crispr basic and Advanced certification course” dated on  18th November

If you feel that you have the inner capability and are hungry to learn more, these courses are designed for you. So, stay focussed and start registering, as limited seats are available!

To know more details Such as eligibility,  Course Benefits Fees structure and Any more queries You can call us on  1800-1200-1818/ 080-5099-7000 or Take live chat assistance from our Experts on https://stores.biotecnika.org/

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