China DNA Face Technology
Images from a study on age estimation and age-related facial reconstruction of Uighur men by analyzing 3-D facial images. Credits: NY Post
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China DNA Face Technology

According to reports, Chinese scientists are reconstructing human faces using seized DNA.

The New technology comes after reports that the Chinese government has harvested blood samples from Muslims being held in some of the nation’s “brainwashing” prison camps.

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According to experts, China DNA Face Technology could be used to help track down suspects using DNA left at a crime scene. However, with the Chinese government’s reputation for snooping on its citizens, many fear it is building a tool that could be used to restrict civil liberties further.

China DNA Face Technology- What Is The Objective?

Experts believe that it may even be possible for the bullying state to feed images produced from the DNA into the many facial recognition systems it has already developed. This technology would allow the government to improve its ability to track the movements of dissidents as well as the protesters.

Reports confirm that DNA research, also called phenotyping, is taking place in labs run by China’s hardline Ministry of Public Security. The Chinese government is also researching how to use DNA to tell if a person is a Uighur — an ethnically Turkic Muslim. The state has a long history of targeting Muslims and has even been accused of pressuring them to eat pork.

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Hundreds of thousands of Uighurs are being held in state detention centers and being forced to undergo “deradicalization” programs, including having to recite Chinese laws. It’s feared the DNA research is the latest in a string of attempts by officials to obstruct any form of religious freedom or expression in the country.

China DNA Face Technology- Other Rules & Policies

The country already enforces “real-name registration” policies that require people to link online accounts with their official government ID.

Facial recognition is already mainstream in China, operating everywhere from airports to office buildings. Beijing’s bustling underground system has even begun trialing new facial scanners at its security checkpoints.

The latest initiative by the Chinese government will further worsen the situation for its citizens in the country.

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