New Superbugs CDC Report
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New Superbugs CDC Report

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a new report on antibiotic resistance threats. The report highlights the increased risk of these drug-resistant infections.

According to the report, approximately 2.8 million people suffer infections from these “superbugs” each year.

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Of those, 35,000 people die from these stronger infections.

The report was formulated keeping in mind the bacterial & fungal infections. CDC found 21 different diseases and categorized them as “urgent threats,” “serious threats,” “concerning threats,” and “watch list.”

However, the latest report does not include parasites or viruses like influenza or HIV.

The results of the New Superbugs CDC Report 2019 report are also higher than in the previous Antimicrobial Resistance threat report published back in 2013. It was found that around 2 million people suffered from drug-resistant infections, with nearly 23,000 dying from said infections.

This shows a significant increase in infection as well as the mortality rate due to AMR.

The fear expressed by the CDC is that these “superbugs” that have evolved from other bacteria and fungi to become drug-resistant could become more common among patients.

Dr. Victoria Fraser from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis added that Antimicrobial Resistance is now a reality, and this issue needs to be addressed soon by the scientists. Dr. Fraser said that treatments are not available for some AMR infections. This is one of the significant challenges faced by doctors.

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However, the New Superbugs CDC Report says that there are easy ways for the public to prevent the spread of infections.

It suggests getting the necessary vaccinations that protect against certain bacterial infections along with viruses. Taking antibiotics only when prescribed and necessary, is recommended as well because of the risk they pose to healthy bacteria along with infectious bacteria.

The report suggests practicing good hygiene, and eating meats raised more naturally than processed meats.

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