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DBT – UK Cancer Research Challenge. Seed Funding Call under DBT CRUK ‘Affordable Approaches to Cancer. Indian Nationals are encouraged to apply for the same. Interested applicants can check out all of the details on the funding detailed below, download all the applicable documents and apply.

This call expires in :

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About Affordable Approaches to Cancer

Cancer Research UK and the Government of India’s Department of Biotechnology have partnered to set up a £10 million, a 5-year research initiative focused on finding affordable strategies to cancer.

Our bilateral Advisory Panel has established seven research challenges under the theme of affordable methods to cancer. We’re calling on researchers in India and the UK to combine forces to handle these challenges.

You are able to apply to tackle one of our 7 key research challenges. After submitting a research proposal please Remember that all proposals should:

  • Build on the complementary research strengths in both India and the UK, building research alliances between the two nations
  • Address a cancer of large unmet demand in India, the United Kingdom or internationally
  • Clearly address the key theme of ‘affordable methods to cancer’
  • Aim to produce outputs Which Are readily translatable to patients
  • Be innovative and involve multidisciplinary work e.g. proposals that utilise affordable technology along with biomedical research
  • Be feasible within the constraints of the funding and time available

For additional information, please read the seed funding Remit and Eligibility guidelines:


Phase 1: Identifying research challenges

  • The initiative’s Advisory Panel, along with input from leading Indian and UK
    experts, came together in March 2019 to identify and articulate seven key research
    challenges, under the broad theme of affordable approaches to cancer

Phase 2: Seed funding awards

  • Applicants will be required to submit a seed funding application which will be
    reviewed by our Advisory Panel. Seed funding of up to £30K (approx. Rs 26 lakhs)
    will be granted to the successful research teams to enable travel between India
    and the UK to develop an understanding of research contexts
  • This funding is designed to allow Indian and UK researchers to establish bilaterally
    research partnerships to address one of the seven research challenges, leading to
    the preparation of submitting a full application.

Phase 3: Programme awards

  • Following the 6 months of seed funding, teams will be required to submit a full
    application for a programme award. After submission, the teams will be
    interviewed by our Advisory Panel who will make the final funding
  • The successful teams will be awarded funding to support large scale studies of up
    to £1.5M (approx. Rs 13.1 crores) over 4 years. The studies will have the potential
    to deliver translatable research outputs and make significant progress against the
    core set of cancer research challenges.


Research proposals must address one of our seven key research challenges. When
submitting a research proposal please keep in mind that all proposals must:

  • Build on the complementary research strengths in both India and the UK,
    building research alliances between the two countries
  • Focus on hard-to-treat cancers where there is the potential to have an impact
    in India, the UK and globally
  • Clearly address the key theme of ‘affordable approaches to cancer’
  • Aim to produce outputs that are readily translatable to patients e.g. a
    proposal focussing solely on basic biological research would fall outside the
    remit of this scheme (though may be eligible for other CRUK or DBT funding
  • Be innovative and involve multidisciplinary work e.g. we encourage proposals
    that utilise affordable technology alongside biomedical research
  • Be feasible within the constraints of the funding and time available:
    o Seed funding: up to £30,000 for up to 6 months
    o Programme Award funding: up to £1.5M for up to 4 years


The initiative is intended to fund joint research teams from India and the UK, bringing
together people to create the best teams capable of delivering the proposal presented.
We would anticipate that an applicant team would typically be made up of:

  • Joint Lead Applicants
  • A number of Co-Investigators
  • A number of Collaborators


6.1 Lead Applicants

Each proposal must contain one lead Indian applicant and one lead UK applicant.

  • To be eligible to apply as a lead applicant, the host institution must be based in
    the UK or India. If an academic applicant is currently based outside of the UK or
    India, they must secure confirmation from the UK or Indian based host institution
    that they will be hosted if funded
  • Post-doctoral researchers, group leaders, clinicians, Professors and representatives from non-academic or commercial organisations are all eligible to apply as the lead applicant
    o Lead applicants from commercial organisations may receive a proportion of the award where they can demonstrate the value they will add, and why the commercial organisation is not able to fund the research themselves. However, requests for funding of commercial organisations will be considered on a case-by-case basis
    o We will not be able to accept applications led by undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD students.

6.2 Host Institutions

To be eligible for an award the host institution of each lead applicant and co-investigator

  • Be a university, a research institution or hospital; or a company of good
    standing and appropriately accredited or registered in the country in which it
    is based
  • Have formal written procedures in place for allegations of research
    misconduct, at least minimally meeting the general principles laid out in:
  • Universities UK Concordat to Support Research Integrity for UK
  • Department of Biotechnology Statement on the handling of allegations
    of research misconduct for Indian institutions
  • Have formal written procedures for obtaining any necessary or appropriate
    ethics approval for the research funded by the grant
  • Not be in receipt of research funding from the tobacco industry or have any
    links to the tobacco industry (see further guidance here Cancer Research UK
    Code of Practice on Tobacco Industry Funding to Universities)
  • In the event of the proposed use of animals, have the standards of laboratory animal welfare that either meet or exceed UK standards. In this regard, the relevant team member should:
    o Show that they will satisfy the standards set out in the NC3Rs guidelines, Responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research
    o Provide documentary evidence of a system of regulatory control of laboratory animal welfare that meets or exceeds the standards enforced by UK Home Office and the Government of India’s Ministry of Social Welfare.
  • Be solvent at the time of application and provide audited financial information to
    the India Alliance on request.

Research Challenges

Challenge 1: Prevention

Challenge 2: Early detection

Challenge 3: Early diagnosis

Challenge 4: Computational approaches

Challenge 5: Small molecule treatments

Challenge 6: Treatment

Challenge 7: Children’s and young people’s cancer

4 Nov 2019: The deadline for submission of seed funding applications

Click here to Download Seed Funding Application Form

View Eligibility Guidelines Below

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View Cost Guidance Below


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