CSIR Life Science Test Series 2019 - AIMNET Dec 2019
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CSIR Life Science Test Series 2019 – AIMNET Dec 2019

You must be aware by now that the CSIR NET Dec 2019 Exam will be conducted Online. The detailed notification is yet to be received from CSIR but its always better to start preparation early. Biotecnika’s AIMNET Test Series for CSIR NET – Life Science Dec 2019 Exam is a completely online-based test series which you can attempt anytime & anywhere. CSIR Life science Test Series – AIMNET test series is designed as per CSIR NET exam pattern with negative marking and timer, so as to give you a real-time feeling of the exam. AIMNET test series have been acclaimed by a lot of CSIR NET aspirants over the past 10 years.

How does the AIMNET test series work?

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AIMNET – CSIR Life Science test series is the best test series if you are preparing for the CSIR NET Dec 2019 Life science exam. Check your preparation level with Unit wise test series designed as per important questions that can be asked from each unit in CSIR NET Exams.

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Key Features:

  • Attempt 13 Unit Wise Test Series as per CSIR NET Syllabus
  • Attempt Test based on the whole CSIR NET syllabus – as per CSIR NET pattern
  • Negative Marking – correct you will get +4 while every wrong answer will cost you a loss of 1 mark.
  • All Tests are time-based to help you in time management during the exam.
  • Get Answer key + Explanation for questions at the end of the test with the percentage score.

It’s an ultimate prep kit to analyze your preparation level for the upcoming CSIR NET exam. As per our students more than 60% of our questions matched to that of CSIR. It is unique & different as it not only tests your knowledge but also helps you evaluate your performance on a real-time against other aspirant’s rank who take the test from all across the country.

You Can Enrol for the Below CSIR Life Science Test Series Available:

  • AIMNET Test Series (WIth Answer key + Explanation)
  • Video NET Test Series (Power of AIMNET Now clubbed with Video Solutions) – In the VideoNet version of AIMNET Test Series, we have video tutorials on how to solve each & every question – where you can see the explanation of answers being explained by our CSIR NET Experts. It’s much more efficient and gives you real-time insight into where you went wrong.

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How to Register for These tests:

  • You can either enroll for anyone of the above test series by visiting stores.biotecnika.org
  • Go for both the test series and give a double boost to your CSIR NET preparation.
  • If you enroll for our Classroom or Online Coaching program you get both the test series absolutely free of cost with 24*7 online doubt solving assistance.

AIMNET Dec 2019 Schedule

AIMNET Scheduled Date Syllabus
AIMNET 0 11th Aug 2019 Full syllabus
AIMNET 1 18th Aug 2019 Unit- 1
AIMNET 2 25th Aug 2019 Unit-2
AIMNET 3 1st Sep 2019 Unit-3
AIMNET 4 8th Sep 2019 Unit-4
AIMNET 5 15th Sep 2019 Unit-5
AIMNET 6 22nd Sep  2019 Unit-6
AIMNET 7 29th Sep 2019 Unit-7
AIMNET 8 13th Oct 2019 Unit-8
AIMNET 9 20th Oct 2019 Unit-9
AIMNET 10 3rd Nov 2019 Unit-10
AIMNET 11 10th Nov 2019 Unit-11
AIMNET 12 17th Nov 2019 Unit-12
AIMNET 13 24th Nov 2019 Unit-13
AIMNET 14 1st Dec 2019 Full Syllabus
AIMNET 15 8th Dec 2019 Full syllabus


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