India To Launch Its First Human Genome Cataloging Project
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Human Genome Cataloging Project – India’s First – To Be Launched

India is all set to launch its very first human genome mapping job by October this year, an action that will aid researchers to get closer to establishing effective & advanced treatments for dealing with deadly diseases such as cancer. In the initial stage of what is called – The Genome India project, genomic data of 10,000 Indians will be cataloged. This task is an initiative from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), India.

In an exclusive interview to ET, DBT secretary Renu Swarup said that this Human Genome Cataloging Project will be a transformational move for the healthcare system as availability of proper – complete data plays a key role in disease management. She added that for progress in predictive diagnosis and precision medicine areas – genomic information plays a vital role and is the backbone for advancement.

Genome – is an organism’s total collection of DNA & genes. It comprises of a complete set of hereditary instructions vital for building & maintaining an organism. By this sequencing project, researchers and unravel detailed characteristics & role of each gene and its criticality in functioning the organism.

DBT is all set to build its own experience of genomic cataloging and will partner up with 22 organizations including public health institutions with regulatory clearances.

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Investigators in health centers will oversee the information collected with a simple blood test from individuals and the data will be contributed to biobanks. Dr. Renu Swarup expects the DBT will capture information from greater than 10,000 individuals over the following three years and also link them to its bio-banks and bio-repository.

Across the globe, predictive diagnosis & precision medicine based upon the genetic make-up of individuals are emerging areas in the treatment of deadly illness. The Genome India – Human Genome Cataloging Project aims to make predictive diagnostic markers available for some priority diseases, including Cancer.

DBT has actually started developing diagnostic labs for hereditary testing as well as counseling services and also has initiated a program alongside to train clinicians to generate skilled manpower to establish a lot more such labs.

The department has also launched an outreach program to offer a genetic medical diagnosis as well as counseling to family members affected by genetic disorders in particular areas. The Human Genome Project, which was completed in 2003, was led by an international team of scientists seeking to series and also map all the genetics- – with each other called the genome – of humans.

Numerous nations have actually embarked on mapping the genetic increase of their own population to better recognize disease profiles. The UK claimed in 2013 that it will carry out the sequencing of 100,000 whole genomes of individuals dealing with cancer as well as rare diseases. The task reached 1 million in 2018. Genomic England, the organization that runs the program, said that its aim is to develop a new genomic medicine solution for the National Health and wellness Service – changing the method individuals are cared for.

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There are issues over the usage of hereditary information. According to a report published in April by UK data consulting firm Ipsos MORI, there are clear limitations for just how far the general public thought genomic data, as well as the details originated from it, should be used.

While Indian Govt is leaving no stone unturned, to scale up its Biotech sector at par with international Biotech Industry – it will be noteworthy how soon can we achieve it. With recent launches of projects & initiatives inclined towards the growth of the Biotech sector in India, the rate of growth appears to be shooting up higher than ever.

The above article has been adapted from the original post at ET, authored by DIVYA RAJAGOPAL.

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