DST INSPIRE Fellowship 2019
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DST INSPIRE Fellowship 2019 – Rs 1.25 Lakh pm + Rs 7 Lakh Research Grant

The official 16th ADVERTISEMENT call – 2019 INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme: a component under INSPIRE, under the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology has been released. Interested applicants can check out all of the details below:

This call expires in :

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Ministry of Science and Technology
Department of Science and Technology
16th ADVERTISEMENT call -2019
INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme: a component under INSPIRE


The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, has launched the “Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)” [http://www.inspire-dst.gov.in] Program in 2008. The program, which encompasses the age group of 15-35 years aims to attract Young Indian talent for the study of science leading to careers in science. INSPIRE contains four Components out of which the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme offers a contractual research Award to young achievers and opportunity for independent research in the near term and emerge as A prospective leader in the long run.

A) Eligibility


  • Indian citizens and people of Indian origin including NRI/PIO status with PhD (in science, Mathematics, engineering, pharmacy, agriculture and medicine related subjects) from any Recognized university in the world.
  • Candidates will have a minimum 60 percent (or equivalent CGPA) marks throughout his/her Academic profile beginning from the Higher Secondary examination (Class 12 onwards).
  • People who have submitted their PhD theses and are awaiting award of the degree are also eligible. However, the award will be conveyed only after confirmation of the award of the PhD degree.
  • The upper age limit as on 1st Jan 2019 ought to be 32 years for considering support for a Period of five years. But for SC and ST candidates, the upper age limitation is going to be 35 years.
  • Publication(s) in highly reputed Journals demonstrating the research potential of this candidate.
  • Candidates That Are employed in regular/contractual position within India can apply for INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award towards enhancement and improvement of their Career prospects however upon selection, the candidate will have to resign (no lien or deputation Or any type of leave would be approved ) from the current job and organization for Implementation of the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award.
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  • Candidates That Are within the top 1 percent at the School Leaving Exam, IIT-JEE rank Holders, 1st Rank Holder either in graduation or post-graduation level university Examination (that are used presently for identifying INSPIRE Scholars at under-graduate Level and INSPIRE Fellows for doctoral degree).

B) Mode of Application:

  • Two routes i.e. Direct and Nomination are readily available for application on the online portal by The qualified candidates.
  • Candidates, who wish to apply through Direct or Nomination mode, may apply only online. Detailed guidelines are available on the site: www.online-inspire.gov.in and Follow the procedure prescribed therein. After submission of an application online, the candidate May get a print of this application thus submitted for personal use only.
  • Nominations from academic institutions or Industry R&D Centers are also sent through Vice-Chancellors/ Directors of Institutions/ Head of Institutions/ Presidents and Fellows of Science Academies or Eminent Scientists from India and abroad according to personal knowledge. Nominations to be sent to Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi.
  • Eligible candidates who wish themselves to be considered in Direct (A) or Nomination (B) Route, can fill out the online application on the web portal given above for consideration.

C) Method of Selection

  • The Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi, in coordination with DST, will Be implementing this INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme up to the selection of Applicants for the award of INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award.
  • A three-tier selection process i.e. Discipline-based Expert Committee in the event of candidates Beneath Direct and Nomination modes/routes which is followed by selection through Apex Level Committee and finally INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Council to select the candidates In the two modes.
  • Discipline-wise committees of INSA would evaluate and screen the candidates that Want to Apply under the Direct and Nomination Routes with no support from host-institutions.
  • The Apex Committee shall eventually select short-listed candidates for offering INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award under this Scheme and conclusion of the Apex Committee for Selecting candidates in this Scheme shall further be considered at the INSPIRE Faculty Council whose decision will be closing for the offer of INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship.
  • Candidates, who have not identified host institutions at the time of the application, should Do this immediately after their final selection. All selected candidates ought to avail the INSPIRE Faculty Award within 3 months of the final selection.
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D) Amount & Duration of each INSPIRE Faculty position

  • Each chosen INSPIRE Faculty Fellow shall be eligible to Be Given a consolidated amount of Rs.1,25,000/- pm. Additionally, a Research Grant of Rs.7 lakh annually for 5 years will Also be provided to each successful candidate.
  • The chosen INSPIRE Faculty fellows in the Event of their joining in private academic/research Institute will receive only Research Grant and their respective host institute /university has To pay the fellowship amount equivalent to the scheme standards.
  • The INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award is for a maximum period of 5 (five) years.
  • Every INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Awardee shall be regulated according to guidelines available At website: www.online-inspire.gov.in. Candidates Will Need to visit the websites and read the Guidelines for reference before applying in INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Award strategy.
  • In the event the INSPIRE Faculty Fellow finds a permanent position during the tenure of the Fellowship, the Fellowship amount shall be discontinued from the day the INSPIRE Faculty Fellow joins in a permanent position but he/she may continue with the INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme availing Research Grant for the remaining period to carry out Research at the new position.
  • The INSPIRE Faculty Fellow is eligible to apply for any competitive grants from financing Agencies during the tenure of this INSPIRE Faculty Fellow position.
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E) Roles and requirements of Host Institutions

  • Host institutions should be encouraged to provide a congenial atmosphere for the awardees To excel in their work, and ought to view them as potential assets for faculty development.
  • Under no circumstances, the”INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship” Award is renewable after 5 years. Host-institutions are expected to consider”INSPIRE Faculty Fellows” for permanent Positions in due course, subject to meeting institutions performance assessment criteria.
  • Under nomination mode, in-breeding by host-institution is usually not encouraged. Nonetheless, in the event host-institutions are willing to nominate their own PhD students under This Scheme, specific justifications and commitment for the development of independent Directions of research must be clearly delineated.
  • Host institutes must guarantee access to most of the common infrastructural facilities, acceptable Lab and office space (independently or on shared basis), computing facilities, accessibility To library, to INSPIRE Faculty Fellows.
  • Host institutes must ensure that desired new areas/directions of research are being Introduced by means of this scheme.
  • Host institutes should provide information on whether the INSPIRE Faculty Fellow will be Allowed to supervise PhD students, hire research fellows, independently or together with a Permanent faculty member whilst hosting the Faculty Fellows.

F) Last date Eligible students choosing ‘Direct Mode’ or ”Nomination Mode’ must apply online on or Before 31st August 2019.

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