ILBS-TATA Fellowship 2019
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ILBS-TATA Fellowship 2019

The official notification for the TATA Trusts – ILBS – Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences – TATA Fellowship 2019 has been released. Interested and eligible candidates with relevant credentials can check out all of the details on the same below with regards to qualification, application procedure and deadline below:

This call expires in :

-1614Days -20Hours -29Minutes -58Seconds


ILBS-Tata Fellowship is a novel effort of its kind initiated by Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) and Financed by Tata Education and Development Trust. The fellowship is meant to invite distinguished clinicians and basic scientists from all over the world in addition to young researchers working in the field of regenerative medicine to get involved with ILBS by sharing their own experience and helping in the setup of the facility under their expert guidance. For young researchers, this will serve as a platform for bidirectional flow of ideas to gain experience and improve science.

The fellowship invites two kinds of positions as Stated below: –

2 Senior Positions designated as ILBS-Tata Professor of Eminence for a duration ranging from 3 to 12 months. There’s no age-bar for Senior Positions. These points will be taken into

consideration for the selection of a Senior Position: Years of experience, number of research publications in the mandatory field, number of PhD or students supervised in the field of Hepatology and/or Liver regeneration, unique technique, know how or expertise, patents, etc.. Senior Fellows will be expected to mentor and provide research ideas (wisdom) for its ongoing and new research projects at the Institute. They need to have 10+ years of experience in the field of regenerative medicine.

3 Junior Positions designated as ILBS-Tata Emerging Leader for a duration ranging from 6 to 12 months. Age bar for the Junior Positions is 40 years +. These points will be taken into consideration for the choice of a Junior Position: Years of experience, thesis work, a number of research publications in the field of regenerative medicine and/or liver, and research field on which he/she was the last working, does he have some fresh research idea that might be of interest for ILBS, whether Institute is going to be helped by the inputs received from the Young researcher, unique technique, know how or expertise. Junior Fellows will be required to do hands-on in the lab or clinics in their respective fields. They need to have 5years of experience within the field of regenerative medicine.

Duration Of Fellowship

  • For Senior Positions: 1-6 months
  • For Junior Positions: 3-12 weeks

Remuneration for fellowship: Fellows will be provided monthly remuneration; the amount will be finalized by the ILBS-TATA Fellowship Committee with approval of the Director, ILBS according to rules that are specified. A one-time to-and-fro travel and convenience charge will be provided to the fellows. ILBS will give accommodation within the campus to the fellows at a reasonable cost; nevertheless, this will be subjected to its availability at the time of fellowship.

Bio-sketch and Proposal: Candidates for both of the positions will have to submit their bio-sketch together with the proposal in a format that is prescribed. The proposal must have a novel idea on which the fellows are already working or they’d like to mentor or work, while their tenure at the Institute. The fellows may also be asked to help set up the facility linked to their research at the Institute. The novel idea or proposal ought to be written in a prescribed format with a proper timeline established activities. The Bio-sketch together with the proposal needs to be submitted online at [email protected].The biosketch such as the proposal ought to be sent as one attachment as PDF. The file shouldn’t be exceeding 100 MB. Text in the document has to be in Times New Roman Font size 12 in a portrait orientation, together with a single space between the lines, and double space between the paras. The file should not have any electronic signatures, hyperlinks and URLs (unless a citation). Our system has to have the ability to open and edit your application for official consideration and processing.

Applications are encouraged throughout the entire year. The current call for applications finishes on June 30, 2019. Someone missing the deadline may contact at [email protected].

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