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231+ CSIR NET Dec 2018 & GATE 2019 Toppers Are From Biotecnika

If you are going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased. – Maya Angelou

Truly said, wherever you are, whatever you do leave a legacy behind. Its been over a decade now and Biotecnika stands firm today with yet another victory. We are proud to announce that 231+ Biotecnikans have qualified CSIR NET Dec 2018 Exam & GATE 2019 Exam with most of them under Top 60 Ranks. And Yes, these qualifiers have left a legacy behind too. Be it, Gurpreet Kaur who bagged AIR 7 in JRF category or Ali Aktara Who qualified the GATE 2019 Exam with AIR 5, all were very clear with their goals and they kept marching towards it with Biotecnika by their side all along to guide them.

They Say “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” This is very true for all the Biotecnikans who qualified the CSIR NET GATE Exam with flying colors. Their dedication, hard work, and patience helped them conquer their goal and we salute them.

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All our faculty members at Biotecnika located across Pan India made sure their students were prepared perfectly for the Exams. The lectures delivered by them were curated with utmost care keeping in mind the exam pattern and also the subject knowledge of the students as they all came from diverse backgrounds. All our teachers made sure they were there 24*7 to clarify all their doubts. Our heartfelt gratitude to all Biotecnika Faculty members – we are proud of you.

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Not to forget the non-teaching staff members, they are the pillars of Biotecnika, without them, we may fall. They support us in every possible way and make sure the study portals are up to date, online & offline classes run glitch free. The most important task being handled by them is the Happy & Unhappy Call system – wherein if a student is not satisfied with a class or has faced any issue, he or she can give an unhappy call and our backend team members will be right on toes to make things right for the student & vice-versa. So this one on one student care system is what makes us stand out of the crowd.

We believe that when you put your endeavor and persistence in the right direction success will never be far from you. During this time of your journey we – Biotecnika will never be below you, never above you but always be beside you, supporting, motivating and inspiring you throughout your CSIR NET & GATE Exam Treck.

Now its time to share the success stories of our toppers. This session our emails were flooded with letters from our qualifiers loaded with love, appreciation and Thank you messages. We are just overwhelmed!

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We have compiled a few videos of our qualifiers talking about their success stories. Directly hear from the toppers about their achievements, preparation strategy, experiences, and the hurdles that came across in their exam preparation journey. We believe listening to these videos will be motivating for future aspirants and will give them an insight on how they should chalk out their study plan to qualify the CSIR NET & GATE Exam.

NB: Lot of our students are busy preparing for the CSIR NET June 2019 Exam, their success stories are awaited and will be published soon.

We would like to wish all the best to aspirants who will be appearing for the CSIR NET June 2019 exam & GATE 2020 Exam.

Do watch all the toppers speak about their success stories below.

CSIR NET Topper: Gurpreet Kaur JRF Rank 7 shares her CSIR NET Journey


GATE Topper AIR 5 Ali Aktara reviews BioTecNika’s Coaching


CSIR NET Dec 2018 Topper Rank 8 Aruna Srinivasan shares her Success Story


CSIR NET Life Sciences Lecturership Top Ranker Ankita Gupta talks about her BioTecNika Experience


CSIR NET Topper Sulagna Mandal shares her Preparation experience with BioTecNika’s Teachers


CSIR NET Topper CSIR NET-LS – 31 Suvosree Mukherjee shares her Exam experience & preparation Strategy


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CSIR NET JRF Rank 58 Amrita Srivastava shares her Success story


Surojit karmarkar qualifies CSIR NET JRF for the 2nd time with help of BioTecNika


CSIR JRF Rank 57 Nivetha Mala gives her review of BioTecNika’s Coaching


Surbhi Mittal CSIR NET NET Rank 42 shares her experience


CSIR NET Top Ranker AIR 33 Shweta Rathore shares her experience of BioTecNika’s Coaching


Payal Bodar CSIR NET JRF Rank 68 reviews Biotecnika coaching & Shares her detailed Experience


Monika Samra CSIR NET JRF Rank 130 shares her Biotecnika Coaching Review


CSIR NET JRF Topper Sanhita Saha Rank 47 shares her feedback 


CSIR NET JRF Rank 61 Topper Souradeep Banerjee


CSIR NET Rank 60: Payal Roy shares her Preparation experience of Biotecnika’s Evening Online Batch


CSIR NET Rank 26 Ananya pal shares her review of BioTecNika’s coaching


Pallavi Agarwal – CSIR NET JRF Rank 58 June 2018 shares her Preparation experience with BioTecNika


GATE Top Ranker Ankita Chattopadhyay shares her Biotecnika coaching Review


CSIR NET Top Ranker Nikky Deepa LS 53rd Rank shares her Biotecnika coaching review


CSIR NET JRF Rank 38 Debajyoti Chakraborty shares his Biotecnika coaching

A Letter From CSIR NET Topper JRF 68 – Payal Bodar

We are still receiving many success stories and this page will be updated each time our students send is their success videos.

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