229+ CSIR NET Toppers Qualify CSIR June 2018 Exam With BioTecNika
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229+ CSIR NET Toppers Qualify CSIR June 2018 Exam With BioTecNika

Dear Biotecnikans,

We cannot describe in words how happy & overwhelmed we are today! There cannot be a better gift for the new year than seeing our beloved students take that next big leap in their research by qualifying the CSIR NET exam. Yes, it’s official! 229+ Biotecnikans have qualified CSIR NET June 2018 Exam with extraordinary results with most them among Top 100 rank.

A hearty congratulations to all the students who qualified the exam with flying colors. Their effort and dedication throughout were commendable. But this could not have been possible without all our Teachers, Counsellors and our Non-teaching staffs who worked hard tirelessly in the past few months just to make sure our students get all the support they need to qualify the exam. A Big Thank you to all of you. Also, we would like to thank our critics who kept us on our toes to innovate further and become better & better.

Effort + Motivat

ion & Direction = Success. If you are ready to put in the effort to achieve your research career dream by putting in the right effort, then Biotecnika will be at your side like a supporting wall, guiding & mentoring you to throughout your journey towards qualifying CSIR NET Exam.

Take a look at the success stories of our CSIR NET June 2018 toppers. You must be wondering now why we post video success stories every time? Why not just publish the photos and roll numbers who qualified the exam. The answer to this question is very simple. We focus on Quality & not Quantity. Via these short videos, you can have a first-hand experience on how the students qualified the exam, what was their preparation strategy, their mindset and what all the difficulties they faced. We want you to learn from them and implement the same.

NB: Lot of our students are busy preparing for the CSIR NET Dec 2018 Exam, their success stories are awaited and will be published soon.

229 CSIR NET Toppers qualify CSIR NET June 2018 with help of BioTecNika

Nivetha Mala secures Rank 27 CSIR NET & Shares her experience with BioTecNika


Unmesh Adkar secures CSIR NET JRF 56th Rank & Shares his experience

Monica Samra CSIR JRF Rank 118 shares her Preparation Strategy & Experience @ Biotecnika

Prakshi Aneja CSIR JRF Rank 30 shares her preparation Strategy & Experience

Sonali Singh CSIR NET Rank 22 shares her review of Biotecnika’s Coaching

Biotecnika Student Shabna K – CSIR NET Rank 63 shares her success story.

CSIR NET Topper With Rank 20 – Shreya brahma Biotecnika Student Shares Her Preparation Strategy

Sumanta Chowdhury – Biotecnika CSIR NET Chemical Science Topper Rank 31 Shares His Success Story

Debdatta Talukdar, CSIR NET JRF rank 64 shares her preparation experience & Strategy

Subashree Swain CSIR NET Rank 89 shares her preparation experience with BioTecNika

Surojit Karmakar CSIR NET JRF Rank 65 shares his Strategy & Experience with Biotecnika

Soumyajit CSIR NET Rank 41 shares his review about Biotecnika’s Coaching

Tanima Choudhury CSIR NET Rank 30 shares her feedback of BioTecNika

Debajyoti Chakraborty CSIR NET JRF Rank 40 explains his preparation Strategy

Manisha Nayak CSIR NET Rank 42 shares her preparation experience with BioTecNika

Prasenjit CSIR NET Rank 23 shares his preparation experience with BioTecNika

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