Wellcome Trust-DBT India Programme 2019

Wellcome Trust-DBT India Programme 2019

The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance launches new financing programmes to tackle India’s health issues through collaborative research and also by building clinical research capacity.

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The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance (henceforth, India Alliance), a public charity that funds health research in India, announces the launching of new financing schemes that aim to address major health issues for India and the entire world. Three new initiatives will fund collaborative research projects, clinical research centres, and clinical research training, as ways to promote innovation and excellence and improve India’s health research ecosystem.

Together with the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India and Wellcome Trust, UK, renewing this partnership for another 5 years, India Alliance has entered a fresh phase of financing from April 2019. This enables India Alliance to amplify its efforts beyond providing individual fellowships at different career stages to basic biomedical, clinical, and public health researchers, which it’s done for ten years. We now bring three new initiatives: Team Science Grants, Clinical/Public Health Research Centres, and Clinical Research Training Programme.

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Team Science Grants (TSG)

Team Science Grants (TSG) will finance teams that bring together high tech scientists from multiple institutions with complementary skills, knowledge, and resources to tackle a significant health challenge for India. High-risk, high-reward suggestions may also find funding under this program. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE.

Clinical/Public Health Research Centres (CRC)

Clinical/Public Health Research Centres (CRC) are envisioned as ‘research-oriented centres’, which preferably involve numerous institutions that focus on significant biomedical research problems and develop physician-scientists. The CRCs will be virtual centres that may have either crosscutting or vertical research topics, together with the training of early career physician-researcher as an essential component. Beyond the funding period, the CRCs are expected to evolve as sustainable centres that strengthen India’s clinical and public health research ecosystem. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE.

Clinical Research Training Programme (CRTP).

Physician-scientists link the clinic to research, for which the CRCs could have an embedded Clinical Research Training Programme (CRTP). These can finance 3-year mentored research training fellowships for medical graduates (MBBS) and post-graduates (MD/MS). These fellowships are intended to incorporate basic and clinical/public health research and equip trainees with skills required for a career in health research. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE.

“I’m thrilled that another phase of India Alliance is currently operational and we’re launching three new initiatives. Having financed very high tech human researchers for the last ten years, the next phase has to focus on the coming together with teams to make more than the sum of components. We expect that ample, flexible, and timely financing administered through effective grant management procedures will catalyse the growth of a world-class research ecosystem which will drive solutions to improve the health of many,” explained Dr Shahid Jameel, CEO of India Alliance.

Applications are accepted online from 16 May 2019 to 17 June 2019. All enquiries concerning the new programmes must be directed to [email protected].

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