Clinical Research Training Programme
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Clinical Research Training Programme

This Clinical Research Training Programme (CRTP) intends to develop Physician Scientists for a way forward for enhancing clinical and public health research ecosystems in India.

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About the Scheme

The program would finance 3-year mentored research training fellowships for medical graduates (MBBS) and post-graduates (MD/MS/equivalent) to:

  • Integrate fundamental and clinical/public health research
  • Provide training and instruction in research design, research ethics, and statistical evaluation through mentored research training
  • Provide training opportunities in varied regions of research pertinent to India’s health priorities
  • Provide knowledge and expertise to prepare trainees for careers in health research.

The selected trainees are a part of the India Alliance Fellows network and could be eligible for other training programs available to them.

Though not compulsory, the program strongly encourages international cooperation. Additionally, it encourages the trainee to get MPhil and/or, PhD degree or other certificates at the exit point. The certificate is the responsibility of the sponsoring institution.

The CRTP will be administered embedded within the Clinical/Public Health Research Centres Clinical/Public Health Research Centres (CRCs)

Institutional CRCs may submit an application for the program to compete for fellowships, clearly justifying the numbers and

providing a training plan. It’s anticipated that the training of every Fellow would utilize the strength of this grouping rather than being restricted to one institution. The institutions getting the award would select the Fellows dependent on the mandate and provisions of this CRTP. Applications for CRTP wouldn’t be entertained from individuals.

Eligibility and Provisions:

The CRTP is targeted toward developing physician-scientists by providing mentored research training to medical graduates and postgraduates. Thus, applying institutions ought to propose a very clear path for this.

Proposals from existing qualified institutions must detail how they intend to provide mentored training, and possibly a degree too at the exit point. Proposals to train graduates and post-graduates from AYUSH, Nursing, Dentistry, Optometry, Engineering etc. could also be eligible. Thus, the program would likewise be open to groups of institutions serving these areas to team up with other clinical/public health/basic sciences institutions. We promote the inclusion of institutions from under-served areas in the country. Institutions should advertise and seek out external applications as well.

Application Process:

India Alliance would invite applications for the said scheme in the prescribed format, which could be made available on its own site from 16 May to 17 June 2019, 2:00 PM IST.

The CRTP being part of the CRC will be subject to the exact same application and evaluation procedure.

Important Date:

If the application is selected for peer review, the interviews would be held in the month of November 2019.

  • Applications open: 16 May 2019 (Forms would be made available on India Alliance site)
  • Applications close: 17 June 2019 (2:00 PM, IST)


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