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Life Science Education Ambition Fair 2019

What a green leaf is to a tree, Biotecnika’s education fair was to its attendees. True to its name, Biotecnika Info Lab Pvt. Ltd., India’s No. 1 Bioscience Institute, successfully hosted its first ever online virtual education fair “ Life Science 90Education Ambition Fair (LEAF – 2019), which was held on the 16th and 17th of April 2019. The fair was designed for attendees who are life science high school graduates up to professionals and young researchers. It was intended for them to ascertain their career paths in the future and also provide them with the opportunity to directly interact with the top institutes and learn about the plethora of courses that they can choose from. The two-day education fair journey saw incredible participation of more than 7000 students which was not possible without the contribution of the following institutes and personage.

  • The Radboud University, represented by Ms. Keerthana Thiagaraja,
  • The Reva University, represented by Dr. Ramachandra,
  • The Amrita University, represented by Dr. Sahadev Shankarappa,
  • The Teri university, represented by Dr. Udit Soni,
  • The Padmashree Institute of Management and Sciences, represented by Dr. M.Anuradha,
  • The Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), represented by Dr. Gayatri Saberwal,
  • The Yenepoya University
  • The University of Portsmouth
  • CHG(Centre for Human Genetics)
  • The Institute of Patent Attorneys India

The education fair opened on the 16th of April, with a motivational talk by the CEO and Managing Director of Biotecnika, ‘Mr. Shekhar Suman’, and was greeted by a very enthusiastic crowd of students, research enthusiasts, and professionals. The session was summed up with thoughts of what a young mind can do is set on the right path and how challenges in each step of life can be overturned into an opportunity. Biotecnika also uncovered various short films on the importance of completing a doctorate degree in a field and also provided insights on how a CV can be developed, highlighting the right features while applying for an interview. These strategies for the future were designed to guide the students in selecting their career.

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This was followed by a session on the ‘Importance of Mathematics in a Life Science career’ held by Mrs. Rashmi Sanyal, Academic manager at Biotecnika. The session aimed to lessen the fear that a student has towards Mathematics and promoted the benefits of keeping mathematical concepts in mind while entering into any stream under Life Sciences. With the conclusion of this interactive session, esteemed Universities began addressing the crowd. The first university to open the surfeit list in this fair was ‘Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology’, represented by ‘Dr Gayatri Saberwal’, Dean of the respective institute. She provided an overview of all the academic programmes held at IBAB and also informed students about the exams they are required to attend if they intend to join the respected institute.

After a brief session break, ‘Ms Kajol Patel’, Academic Specialist at Biotecnika, took over the podium and guided all the attendees about the career paths in the field of Biodiversity. She motivated all the active participants and highlighted the benefits of pursuing the field close to nature. Next, Ms. Keerthana Thiagaraja, presented about The Radboud University, located in the Netherlands, and spoke about their education programs in Life Science and Medical Science. The day was concluded by the talk of Mrs. Urmimala Ray, an expert at Biotecnika, with an informed lecture about the various career paths offered in Life Sciences. The audience was exposed to the various job opportunities and the eligibility associated with each, that could help them realize their interests. The First Day of the event came to an end with high spirit filled in the attendees. The valuable interactions and guidance built a lot more expectations for the eventful Day 2 – 17th of April.

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The second day of the event began with a lot of enthusiasm and was initiated with the motivational and inspirational video of how to write a resume and secure a job with minimal effort. The first speaker of the day was Dr. Neha Suman, Managing Director of, Biotecnika Info Labs Pvt. Ltd. She greeted all the attendees and the institutes and guided all the students seeking various options in life science by talking on ‘Upcoming career Opportunities in Life Sciences’. Following her talk, Esteemed Amrita University took the podium, represented by Dr. Sahadev Shankarappa, a Professor at the institute. He introduced the Amrita University and shared the extensive list of courses offered by them. The session also portrayed feedback of their alumni, so that all the participants could have first-hand information about the experience. After a descriptive and informative talk, ‘Biotecnika Prime’, a novel venture by Biotecnika, was introduced and the attendees visualized how Prime could help them in procuring research aides under one roof. Teri University, represented by Ms. Udita Sony came up next. She began with a brief introduction about the institute and informed about the various courses offered by them along with the eligibility criteria for each. Up next was our special guest for the day ‘Dr. Cletus D’Souza’, Chairman of the Committee for Development of science in schools, from the University of Mysore. He gave an insightful talk about the various career options in the field of science . Once the session resumed after a short break, Reva University, represented by Dr. Ramachandran, introduced the University and informed about the opportunities awaiting students. Mr. Shekhar Suman went ahead and introduced The Institute of Patent Attorneys, India (IPAI) and informed about the Patent Agent Examination that would allow a student to pursue a career in filing patents. The next University to be presented was ‘Padmashree Institute of Management and Sciences’, represented by ‘Dr. Anuradha’, Principal of the respected institute.

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She provided a brief idea about their institutes, courses and the placements offered by them. The last talk for the day was from Biotecnika’s Academic specialist ‘Dr. Pallavi Rungta’, who gave a knowledgeable idea to all the attendees on ‘Careers for Life Science students in pharmaceuticals & chemical industry’, which answered many of the attendee’s dilemma. The attendees were further informed about The Yenepoya University in Mangalore and The Center for Human Genetics in Bangalore, Karnataka, which offer many specialized courses in the field of Life Sciences.

The two-day education fair winded up with the announcement of the name of the Eight most active participants – Ms.Pooja Pooja, Ms. Afrin Rahim, Ms. Karthika, Ms. Robandeep Kaur, Ms. Suparna Pattnaik, Ms. Yachika Kapoor, Ms. Shiuli Das, and Ms. Aritri Bhattacharya.

Mr. Shekhar Suman concluded the event by giving gratitude to all the attending participants and the supporting institutes, without whose support it would never have been possible to have such a successful event.

With this Life Science Education Fair, aimed at helping all the millennials and students who aspire to have a successful career in life science, wrapped up with a huge success, motivating and invoking enthusiasm in all attendees. Excitement and anticipation lingered on, as Biotecnika announced the ‘CRISPR Congress’ to be held on the 25th and 26th of May 2019, offering an insight into the new age in Genomics.

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