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BioTecNika on WhatsApp

BioTecNika on WhatsApp for all Biotecnikans,

A Few Months ago we had launched BioTecNika on WhatsApp and today we are proud to say that it has been a huge success so far. Our New service has been widely appreciated & adopted. However, we noticed that some of you have still not opted for this fantastic service which BioTecNika is offering to its WhatsApp Members

You see 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough for us to serve all of you and thus we need to be just a click away and thus BioTecNika on WhatsApp . We are living in an era of efficiency along with time scarcity, Sometimes we do miss on some important e-mails while scrolling up and down. So for them, BioTecNika will fill this gap between time constraints and information availability. So Add BioTecNika to your contact’s List.

Join BioTecNika on WhatsApp: https://virl.ink/biotecnika

Our Official BioTecNika on WhatsApp Number9535888233

Join BioTecNika on WhatsApp Status Updates:

Every day as soon as something new comes up or something important is available in the Bioscience Industry we inform everyone by updating our WhatsApp Status. So do not forget to save our Number and keep checking our WhatsApp Status. For example, when the Government announced fellowship hikes by 24%, Our WhatsApp members were informed within seconds of the announcement.

Add BioTecNika’s Number 9535888233 to your College / Friends Group

Add our Number to your College or Friends group so that we can deliver important updates and newsletter right inside your College Group. We promise we will never spam your group. Only Important & necessary updates will be sent to your groups.

BioTecNika on WhatsApp Features :

  • Free Subscription of BioTecNika Times Magazine pdf format
  • Jobs, exam alerts, Scholarships opportunities, Internships and Latest News
  • Guidance for NET/GATE /DBT/ICMR exams preparations.
  • Updates about the workshop’s and conferences Free Webinars announcements
  • Admissions Alerts & Exams Alert from the Biotech Industry
  • Career Guidance Videos, Podcasts and Test series for all WhatsApp members

Join BioTecNika on WhatsApp: https://virl.ink/biotecnika

Our Official BioTecNika on WhatsApp Number9535888233

Why BioTecNika on WhatsApp?

  • Receive BioTecNika Times Newsletter every morning in your WhatsApp
  • Preferred by those who are not habitual for daily emails.
  • Personalized assistance for the exams

The generation of today, haven’t known a life without technology. It’s been an integral part of our existence. Biotecnika being a Life Science centric company desires to add up the essence of excellence among all those who are seeking a right career path with BioTecNika on WhatsApp. We want to be one among the young minds and serve you as a guiding star in order to make your dream come true.

What is BioTecNika?

The Idea Behind BioTecNika: Biotecnika was born in October of 2006 with the sole aim of helping Bio Scientists and promote research in the world Over the past several years we have succeeded in building a strong community of BioTecNikans who work together to support the cause. We have a number of initiatives for Bio Scientists, Researchers, Post Docs, Ph.D. Scholars, College goer students as well as Bio-Entrepreneurs. If you belong to any of these categories then do write to us with your career aspirations and how would you like us to help you at [email protected]

Our Mission: BioTecNika Revolution
Our Vision: To Reach every Bio Professional in our country and help them build a strong career.

Keep Visiting Biotecnika.org and join BioTecNika on WhatsApp because your Success is our Achievement & Your Research is our responsibility.

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Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika