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Are you looking for a complete package for preparation of CSIR NET Life Sciences? If yes, you should not look beyond Biotecnika.

Hello, My name is Anuj and today I am going to brief you about various features of Our CSIR NET & GATE Coaching Services.

The program offered here is balanced and assists you in completing the vast syllabus with a full guarantee in just 6 to12 months.

If you think it’s impossible, check out our 2017 CSIR NET and 2018 GATE results.

More than 200 students have qualified these exams.

The previous year’s CSIR NET results say the similar story with 194+ students qualifying for the exam. It’s not a coincidence but the hard work that the entire team at Biotecnika puts together for their student’s success.

For Biotecnika, student’s career is primary, and it is obvious with the results they provide. It ensures that the students not only qualify for the tests but achieve what’s best. It’s their commitment combined with the efforts of students that most of the students achieve ranks among the top 100.

Why should you join Biotecnika?

It is important to research the course before you join. In fact

, comparing different programs would provide a better outlook of what you should be looking for. Hence, here is what you should verify before you make the decision.

The Classroom Strength: 

As you know that Biotecnika operates in 5 major cities: Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, NOIDA & Chennai, you can also opt for the classroom coaching here apart from Online coaching @ Home. If you would compare the strength of students studying in a batch in almost all the coaching classes of major cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi etc with Biotecnika, you would know the difference. While all the other programs accumulate more than 50 students in one batch, Biotechnika has only 16 students per batch, I repeat only 16 students per batch

Hence, the faculties can concentrate on every student’s preparation rather than focusing on completing the syllabus.

The Program Duration: 

Let’s be realistic about this question. Do you think it is possible to complete and revise the CSIR NET syllabus in half a year’s time? It may be for some, but the majority of the students would not be even able to finish every topic in such a small period of time.

Students who prepare for CSIR NET come from various backgrounds. Many times, they study some specific topics for the first time and they need extra attention as compared to other students. Hence, it becomes vital to keep everyone on the same page while trying to complete the syllabus. For these reasons, Biotecnika has a 6 &12 months program duration for completing the syllabus.

Training Methods: 

Before enrolling for any coaching, one should definitely look for the training methods an institute uses to coach its students. The old chalk and Board methods are gone byes. Now, its time to introduce advanced methods such as Animations, powerpoints, 3D projectors & various e-learning tools such as flashcards to provide a better understanding of biology to students.

Thankfully, Biotecnika has the most advanced training tools in this field.

The Conclusion

Biotecnika is much more than what I said today. Apart from the classroom sessions, Biotecnika offers recorded classes which can be accessed through their e-learning portal. 24×7 chat support with NET qualified Ph.D. & Post-Doc faculties solving one to one queries of its students. Test series and Memory flash cards. All of these in one package.

So what are you waiting for? Join BioTecNika Today. Call the numbers on your screen now!

At BioTecNika Your Success is our Achievement

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